Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company TRY/APT/POL Oslo, NORWAY
Advertising Agency TRY/APT/POL Oslo, NORWAY
Media Agency MEDIACOM Oslo, NORWAY
Production Company WHITE RABBIT Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Torkild Jarnholt TRY/Apt/POL Copywriter
Erik Winn TRY/Apt/POL Art Director
Fred Kihle TRY/Apt/POL Account Manager
Linda Tillier TRY/Apt/POL Project Manager
Roy Kristoffersen TRY/Apt/POL Motion Graphics
Kim Holm TRY/Apt/POL Motion Graphics
Thomas Lein TRY/Apt/POL Web Developer

Creative Execution

The interactive video was built on a scalable and responsive website(HTML5) so that everyone in Norway would be able to get a grasp of a childs day in school. Everything was based on the backbone.js framework The full experience, with active choices, was only available on desktop due to limitations with video on smartphones.

The interactive film was watched over 67 000 times. The trailer was viewed 214 000 times on youtube. Tests of the campaign showed that it scored high in liking and attention with the target group.

Brief: Inspire future students to consider the teacher education when they applied to higher education. Insight: The single moment most teachers describe as the best part of the job, is when their pupils have breakthroughs in class. Like when they understand a concept in mathematics or improve their reading-flow. It was these joyful moments we wanted to show to potential new teachers. Plus the fact that a day as a childrens teacher tends to be more magical than other jobs. After all: Your pupils have an unlimited imagination. Idea: Make an interactive film seen from the perspective of a second grander during a school day. The viewer decides what teaching methods the teacher applies on the class. The educational choices in the film are from real learning programs in Norwegian schools. The class and the main characters are all from a real class.