Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company ACHTUNG! Hamburg, GERMANY
Advertising Agency ACHTUNG! Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Claudia Pohl Mccain Gmbh Marketing Director
Jenny Singer Mccain Gmbh Junior Product Manager
Mirko Kaminski Achtung! Gmbh Ceo
Anna Glombitza/Oelsner Achtung! Gmbh Account Director
Florian Schleinig Achtung! Gmbh Account Manager
Jana Nörenberg Achtung! Gmbh Account Manager
Marius Murtz Achtung! Gmbh Screendesigner
Susanne Mohs Achtung! Gmbh Junior Account Manager

Creative Execution

We are commentating live on the Germany—Argentina match and we do so in a creative way—with McCain potato products. As soon as there’s action on the field, the scene is commentated with potato products on a baking tray. Videos and photos are posted within seconds and spread like wildfire. McCain shows creativity with potatoes and has millions hooked. And McCain becomes part of the event, without being a sponsor and without using a large media budget.

The results are impressive. Soccer and fries fans are hooked, with thousands commenting on and sharing the photos and videos appearing in real time. The incredible interaction rate: 20%. And the media love the idea, run with it, and report. The staggering reach = 20 million viewers. Achieved with a baking tray, some fries and a EUR 0 media budget. What McCain is most thrilled about? For the first time in soccer history, Canada has made it to the final.

Summer 2014. Germany in soccer fever and in the final. Great for us Germans. And a huge chance, as millions of fans cheer on the teams nibbling fries and other snacks. But also a problem for the Canadian brand McCain. The brand has nothing to do with soccer, is not a sponsor and only has a small budget for social media. However, the brand is a creative fries expert. Our idea: McCain Fries Final. For the first time, a soccer match is commentated live with fries on a baking tray. The result: Euphoria in front of the TV and on the social web. Millions of supporters follow the match on TV and at McCain. The interaction rate: an unbelievable 20%.