Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company ACHTUNG! Hamburg, GERMANY
Advertising Agency ACHTUNG! Hamburg, GERMANY
Production Company DOCK11 Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Eben Sermon Ebay Senior Director Cross Border Trade
Clelia Morales Ebay Head Of Eu Social Media
Paolo Broussard Ebay Loyalty Marketing Lead/Europe
Bastian Ellen Ebay Director Social Media/Europe
Leonie Bechtoldt Ebay Head Of Marketing Activities
Maike Fuest Ebay Head Of Communications
Mirko Kaminski Achtung! Gmbh Ceo
Nicola Surholt Achtung! Gmbh Management Supervisor
Sabrina Panknin Achtung! Gmbh Account Manager
Jessica Steffenhagen Achtung! Gmbh Account Manager
Jessica Schweke Achtung! Gmbh Junior Account Manager
Anneli Tomfort Achtung! Gmbh Senior Art Director
Lars Joseph Achtung! Gmbh Creative Director

Creative Execution

Our approach: it isn't eBay that communicates and advertises. Countless opinion makers and influencers do it: lifestyle and fashion journalists, bloggers and celebrities. They design "catalog pages" with their favorite pieces and share them. Hundreds of bloggers as well as singers, actors and comedians, create their own collections and "social shopping networks". Prior to this they are personally trained to stage their pages and favorite pieces so that they "shine", and to promote them within their community. They inspire others to follow their lead. The result is dynamic virality. – The largest lifestyle PR and blogger activation wave in Germany.

Hundreds of celebrities participate and compile their favorites as collections. Others follow their lead. 2,000 collections should have been available for the start. But it's now 200,000 (!). 60,000 personal collections are added each month. Hundreds of contributions appear in media and blogs. A real buzz. The total reach is a fantastic 600,000,000. The number of purchases increases rapidly. The products of the celebrity and influencer collections always sell out quickly. Even more importantly, the view of eBay has changed. eBay is no longer a search engine for hunters. eBay has become a more inspiring and stimulating social shopping network.

Large online shops are for hunters: Search. Find. Buy. Zack! However, a growing number of people, especially women, want to "window shop". They want to be inspired. They want to exchange ideas while window shopping. They want to be induced by the taste of others. A problem for the "hunter marketplace" eBay, which functions more like a search engine. eBay is therefore developing a true innovation: the "eBay Collections" platform. It is a permanently growing digital catalog, made and filled by people. People design their own inspiring pin boards, their own collections. They share them and inspire others. Already before the start, nearly 1,000 important opinion makers are being motivated to create their own collections. This might well be the largest lifestyle PR campaign in Germany in 2014, and the largest blogger activation wave Germany has ever seen. 200,000 collections are the result, and 50,000 are added each month.