Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceEUROPEAN ELECTIONS 2014
Entrant Company OGILVY GROUP Brussels, BELGIUM
Advertising Agency OGILVY GROUP Brussels, BELGIUM
Advertising Agency 2 SOCIAL LAB Brussels, BELGIUM
Production Company MOJUICE Haacht, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Laure Van Hauwaert Ogilvy Group Brussels Institutional Communications Director
Kristel Vanderlinden Ogilvy Group Brussels Head Of Strategy
Sam De Win Ogilvy Group Brussels Executive Creative Director
Seb De Roover Ogilvy Group Brussels Digital Creative Director
Ulrike Stolze Ogilvy Group Brussels Account Lead
Stefan Dias Ogilvy Group Brussels Copywriter
Ivan Moons Ogilvy Group Brussels Art Director
Tomas Sweertvaegher Ogilvy Group Brussels Social Media Lead
Pia Tamm Ogilvy Group Brussels Social Media Executive
Mirva Swartz Ogilvy Group Brussels Account Director
Ieben Enghien Ogilvy Group Brussels Account Executive
Bruno Dejonghe Ogilvy Group Brussels Tv Producer

Creative Execution

A website called hosted a 4-day drawing marathon by 5 international animation studio's in London, Ghent and Utrecht. Top online influencers and paid and earned social media promotion drove traffic to the website where visitors could submit their idea for an alternative ending of an existing animated film. Submissions could be shared on social media to get support from friends. Through a voting system a ranking was established. Top listed submissions were drawn live by the artists and live streamed on the homepage. By taking action and using their power they changed the story to make it their own.

The main film received 2,496,099 views (1,132,525 on YouTube and 1,363,574 on Facebook). 97% of these viewers are within the pre-defined target group of 18 to 25-year old EU members. During the 4-day online event the website received 74,545 unique visitors, that submitted 1134 alternative endings of which 94 new films were produced. 32,314 visitors tuned into the livestream and watched a very high average time of 8 minutes. An after moviewas showed 301,437 times on Facebook and a making-of film 107,096 times. 197 articles were published, generating an earned reach of 39,897,220 people.

The European Parliament asked Ogilvy to develop a viral activation campaign targeting young urban Europeans aged 18-25. Insights showed that this group has no interest in politics and is less likely to vote, because they don't feel they can make a change. The challenge was to convince this difficult target group to take an interest in the European elections. The objectives were to raise awareness about European elections and engage young people to go vote. The idea was to show young people in an original way that -by acting- they can change things and have it their way. An online event showed the direct impact of their actions. An existing film ending could be changed instantly if this was supported by multiple people (online voting).