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Silver Eurobest

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Product/ServiceALL PRODUCTS
Entrant Company FIGHTING FISH Clichy, FRANCE
Advertising Agency OGILVY & MATHER Paris, FRANCE
Production Company FIGHTING FISH Clichy, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Anne/Dominique Legrand ALLIANZ Head Of Communication
Lydie Hippon/Darde ALLIANZ Head Of Brand
Delphine Asseraf ALLIANZ Head Of Digital
Chris Garbutt Ogilvy France Chief Creative Officer
Baptiste Clinet OGILVY/MATHER PARIS Creative Director
Nicolas Lautier OGILVY/MATHER PARIS Creative Director
Salomé Jestin OGILVY/MATHER PARIS Art Director
Charles/Henry Joyaut OGILVY/MATHER PARIS Copywritter
Batoul Hassoun OGILVY/MATHER PARIS Account Director
Jean Pousson/Ribis OGILVY/MATHER PARIS Account Manager
Victor Raimond OGILVY/MATHER PARIS Digital Project Manager
Benjamin Przespolewski Fighting Fish Digital Creative Director
Sami Meziani Fighting Fish Technical Director
Samir Semanoune Fighting Fish Digital Producer

Creative Execution

It all started with a discovery : when the Google car went around the world to build Google Street View (worlds biggest image database), it captured some of the most unexpected, awkward, hilarious situations. Allianz and Ogilvy then paired up with Google to associate each mishap with an actual insurance offer, creating a unique catalogue inspired by real life situations. Internet users were challenged to find additional Street View scenes, making the catalogue truly interactive and Allianz's offers more credible each time.

Allianz managed to generate massive awareness, and deep engagement around it's brand and it's services. Allianz reaffirmed its proximity with its customers and its presence in digital. Allianz Real Life embodies the modernity of the brand in innovative ways by revisiting the presentation of its insurance products and offering its customers a fun and playful digital experience. In total the PR campaign generated in one week 2345 articles. Every 10 seconds a tweet was written about it and traffic to the Allianz site increased by 500%. On line catalogue demand increased 1300%. "

When you are an insurance Brand how would make the communication around your services engaging? How would you catch people interest and provoke a direct action from them? How would you benefit from the new media opportunities that social marketing/digital marketing could offer to activate business? Allianz, lead European insurer send us the challenge to recruit new client through a new way to communicate around their services putting digital at the core of everything. The main challenges was generating an insurance product portfolio that people would read. The idea was to use real life situations to prove that Allianz's offer is indeed relevant and can insure you from A to Z.