Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company ERNÖ Oslo, NORWAY
Advertising Agency ERNÖ Oslo, NORWAY
Advertising Agency 2 GOOD MORNING Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Odd Rune Farsund Ernö Account Director
Dagmar Kollstrøm Ernö Copywriter
Trond Vestengen Ernö Art Director
Ingvild Andersen Ernö Account Manager
Marie Bjørnskau Ernö Account Manager
Tom Rainer Thuv Ernö Art Director Assistant
Finn Christian Stoveland Ernö Designer
Karen Vaksdal Madsen Good Morning Account Manager
Jørgen Winsnes Good Morning Designer
Robert Bue Good Morning Developer

Creative Execution

Before the concept «from our castle to yours» was made, the website was perceived as annoying and not very user-friendly. We wanted to enhance the rich history of the Braastad brand and put it into a digital experience. Because we know that the people who visit this site is either there because they want to know what Braastad is all about, or read more about the Cognac. The website is fully responsive and gives the visitor a great experience of both the history and vision of the Braastad brand. And what more can you ask for? was published in May 2014. Since the Braastad brand’s primary market is Norway, where advertising alcoholic beverages is not allowed, the site has not received any launch support towards the consumer market. Still, the website went from a sleeping site receiving less than 400 visitors during the last 5 months, to almost 50.000 visitors within the 5 months is has been open. 76% of the visitors were new visitors, whereas the same number was less than 3% for the old site.

Braastad´s new communication concept “From our castle to yours” have two elements. “From our castle” reflects what Braastad is made of: Several generations hard work, deeply felt passion and craftmanship. “To yours” reflects what we are made for: You, at ease in your best space when you sit back and enjoy Braastad Cognac in you own “castle”. The Braastad web aims to tell the “From our castle” part of the story: The craftmanship and the family running their cognac house the traditional way for generations.