Winners & Shortlists


Category C01. WEBSITE
Entrant Company ISD GROUP Kyiv, UKRAINE
Advertising Agency ISD GROUP Kyiv, UKRAINE
Name Company Position
Viktor Shkurba ISD Group Creative/Art Director
Mikhael Traverse Isd Group Strategy Director
Alexander Savin ISD Group Technical Director
Stanislav Stoyatsky ISD Group Creative Group Head
Sergey Komlev ISD Group Designer
Andrew Sergeev ISD Group Lead Developer
Dima Figol ISD Group Copywriter
Konstantin Sultanov ISD Group Animation
Alina Revenko ISD Group New Business Director
Anna Kumaritova ISD Group Photographer
Svetlana Mironchuk ISD Group Account Manager
Sergey Rud Pif Paf Photographer
Yury Motrich Moka Studio Video

Creative Execution

Prove that you're a master in mocking your face and fingers. A web-site is more a torture chamber than a medical site. To learn how to treat acne girls have to show their skills in torturing their fingers as they do it daily: rub with a scrub, use a concealer, squeeze pimples. To get the information about the product they should scream, torture their fingers and squeeze pimples on their faces in real time, online.

The loyalty to completely new Duac gel is so high that it catches up a market share leader, which is investing a lot in TV. And the leader loses much of its market share suddenly.

Our target audience is teen girls who are digital natives. They were born and grew in an interactive environment. Ipads, Iphones, South Park and Walking Dead. This is the World they made on their tablets and laptops. Modern teenagers are also marketing natives and what they are expecting is everything, but not old school medical advertising texts about treating acne. That is the point pharmaceutical companies don't pay attention to and keep going with medical web-sites as boring as visiting a doctor. Everyone does that. But not GSK for Duac anti-acne gel.