Winners & Shortlists


Category C01. WEBSITE
PR Agency PRIME Stockholm, SWEDEN
Entrant Company PRIME Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Position
Shirin Hirmand/Account Director/Prime
Olle Thunberg/Digital Creative/Prime
Ingrid Sydow/Creative/Prime
Julia Sebesteny/Creative/Prime
Viktor Waldås/Graphic Designer
Pär Thunberg/Web Developer/Bärnt/Ärnst

Creative Execution

Secrets were submitted online and at the theatre the audience could write down their unshared secrets on a note and leave it in a box in the lobby. After every show the box of secrets was posted on the hub, as well as on Folkoperan’s Twitter. To put the theme of the play in an even larger context we surveyed 1,000 people about what topics are too taboo to share publicly. The results were presented to journalists and published on our website for those who wanted to delve deeper into the secrets of the Swedish population.

Over 500 people shared their innermost secrets on the website, everything from shoplifting as an adult to accidentally falling asleep on a their parrot and killing it. Folkoperan’s fan base grew by 20% on both Facebook and Twitter. Total media reach was 5,8 million (on a 9 million market). But more importantly the number of sold seats grew from 37 to 90 percent from previous year, making the St Matthew Passion Folkoperan’s most successful spring launch ever in the history of Folkoperan.

The brief was to create awareness about Folkoperan within a younger audience by promoting the St Matthew Passion. In Folkoperan’s version of the play Jesus suffering has been replaced real life stories of forgiveness, guilt, pain, fear, loneliness, and love. The play is ultimately about how we as humans treat and relate to each other. By telling our personal stories we share our burden, and at the same time we allow others to take strength from our experience. So our plan was to let the audience experience and explore the same candidness that the cast does in the play. We took the main theme of sharing personal stories and set it in a modern context that would be more relatable to a younger audience. Through the digital hub “Unshared” we encouraged people to post their own anonymous secrets in 140 characters.