Winners & Shortlists


Category C02. MICROSITE
PR Agency PRIME Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production Company STOPP/FAMILY Stockholm, SWEDEN
Entrant Company PRIME Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Paul Alarcón/Analyst/Strategist/Prime
Katrina Wong/Planner/Prime
Markus Larsson/Analyst/Prime
Ingrid Sydow/Art Director/Creative/Prime
Devi Brunson/Copywriter/Creative/Prime
Sara Eriksson/Analyst/Prime
Emma Persson/Analyst/Prime
Carl Adam Frisk/Digital Planner/Prime
Malena Heed/Junior Consultant/Prime
Per Hansen/Senior Advisor/Prime
Charlotte Witte/Senior Advisor/Prime
Robert Aras/Account Manager/Project Manager/Prime
Gabriella Karlsson/Creative Director/Stopp/Family
Viktor René/Developer/Stopp/Family
Håkan Boqvist/Developer/Stopp/Family
Philip Bratt/Designer/Stopp/Family
Nicklas Andersson/Designer/Stopp/Family
Fredrik Broander/Art Director/Stopp/Family Annika Pehrson/Grading/STOPP/Family
Jesper Gisslen/Ux Designer/Stopp/Family Erik Wåhlström/Photographer
Marlene Hernbrand/Producer/Stopp/Family Isak Berglund Mattsson/Mårn/Photography Assistant

Creative Execution

The initiative shares insights assembled by IKEA from a new global survey with data from households in eight iconic cities (New York/London/Paris/Berlin/Stockholm/Moscow/Mumbai/Shanghai), and lets people assemble their own. Everything is found on the digital hub The survey was conducted with over 8000 respondents answering questions about their morning routines and wellness feelings. The project was launched on IKEA’s Democratic Design Day in Älmhult, IKEA’s birthplace and over 80 international journalists came. A global launch followed where design, wellness, technology, marketing/business and lifestyle media were encouraged to find own data correlations.

* Global reach: + 150 000 000 * Engagement/traffic on + 100 000 * Key media coverage in largest and most important international and national media outlets, such as The Huffington Post, Le Parisien, PSFK, Gizmodo, Fast Company, The Today Show, Economic Times India, The Daily Mail, Dagens Nyheter and TV4. * Key stakeholders within data analysis reacted positively, e.g. Center for Data Innovation.

CHALLENGE In a digital world where there is endless inspiration for your home – how can IKEA continue to be the expert on life at home? INSIGHT To demonstrate expertise, sometimes you have to let others be experts too. STRATEGY * Be innovative. Connect IKEA’s knowledge and DIY-spirit with data analysis. * Be a nerd. Life at home is broad – focusing on details and mornings. * Keep it real. Connect knowledge to society and human behaviour. IDEA IKEA takes DIY to the next level and introduces DIY data with The Life at Home Project: an initiative where data from people’s home lives in eight iconic cities are made accessible through an interactive gallery and a data hacking interface. Data Mixing Board allows you to generate own findings. GOALS * Enhance IKEA’s image as expert/innovator in life at home * Global reach * Drive engagement/traffic to the project’s digital hub