Winners & Shortlists


Category C02. MICROSITE
PR Agency PRIME Stockholm, SWEDEN
Entrant Company PRIME Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Position
Hannes Kerstell/Key Account Manager/Prime
Hanna Fallenius/Project Leader/Prime
Renée Lorenius/Production Manager/Prime
Ulrika Enström/Media Specialist/Prime
Magnus Klang/Creative/Prime
Ingrid Sydow/Creative/Prime
Peter Lindgren/Partner And Creative Director/Prime
Ebba Hultengren/Creative/Prime

Creative Execution

Two mobile hotel rooms were built and designed and Scandic To Go was launched in June and made accessible for booking at Scandic’s website. During the summer of 2014 Scandic To Go went on tour in Sweden and Norway, to for example the Norwegian and Swedish archipelago, Stockholm Pride, and the political week in Almedalen. Several contests were launched via Scandics Facebook and Instagram in which the winners could book Scandic To Go to their own dream place via #scandictogo.

Scandic To Go was success that created strong commitment among both opinion makers, desired medias and guests. It has been fully booked since its launch, and inquiries have come from visitors from all over Scandinavia. It has surpassed all previous records on Scandic’s Facebook by 400 percent and has increased online bookings with 20 percent – an increase due to gained market share rather than a growing market. The PR campaign resulted in about 100 media coverages within news-, trade-, lifestyle-, marketing- and design media in 10 countries and have placed Scandic in new, innovative contexts. Only in Sweden, the campaign had a range of about 11,570,000 people and a media value of 10.4 million SEK.

In recent years, Scandic has made the biggest hotel renovation in Swedish history. Despite these efforts, many still see Scandic as a bit boring, with outdated rooms. Prime's mission was to develop an idea that would make more people become aware of the "New" Scandic and attract new audiences to the hotels. It was also to get new media target groups to cover the new innovations and interior changes. Together with Scandic, Prime developed a brand new hotel offering - Scandic To Go. Scandic To Go is the world's first mobile hotel room which guests can book their own dream location. The hotel room is fully equipped with all the comforts and modern furnishings as the newly renovated Scandic Hotels. With Scandic To Go as a communication engine we ran an integrated activation in both digital and traditional channels.