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Product/ServiceTHE ALL NEW VOLVO XC90
Entrant Company DIGITASLBI Copenhagen, DENMARK
Advertising Agency DIGITASLBI Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Pierre Renhult Digitaslbi Managing Director
Peder Sandqvist Digitaslbi Producer
Filippos Arvanitakis Digitaslbi Creative Director
Pia Leichter Digitaslbi Creative Director
Mattias Johnsson Digitaslbi Technical Director
Neale Payling Digitaslbi Designer
Emilie Johansson Digitaslbi Art Director
Paul Collins Digitaslbi Executive Creative Director/Nordics

Creative Execution

We created the world’s first virtual test-drive using unique Oculus Rift technology. Influential guests experienced this futuristic test-drive at an exclusive art venue in Sweden and the Paris Motor Show. ‘Drivers’ watched as the all-new XC90 slowly formed around them until they were transported to Swedish landscapes. The Oculus Rift technology combined the latest head tracking technology, real-time 3D-rendered content and binaural sound to create a truly immersive and unique experience. The campaign allowed people to not only take a nonexistent car for a spin, but also explore the all-new XC90 in a digital showroom and order the car online.

The all-new Volvo XC90 First Edition, available exclusively online, sold out 47 hours after it was released. Most of the cars were reserved within one hour from sales start. At its peak, 7 cars were sold every minute. The virtual test drive was created for the all-new XC90 launch event in Sweden. Due to the success of this experience, the virtual Volvo is going on tour – from Sweden to the Paris Motor Show to Volvo Ocean race stops to the Shanghai Motor show - the road trip is just beginning.

The challenge was to launch a car that doesn’t exist, because it hasn’t been produced yet. We were tasked with crafting digital experiences that created desire for a product that couldn’t be experienced physically. The main objectives were to position Volvo in the premium segment and sell 1,927 all-new XC90 First Edition cars exclusively online. Volvo needed to challenge and confirm its identity to attract a new segment whilst driving loyalty amongst existing VIP customers. The strategy involved repositioning the brand and driving sales through engaging, pioneering and personalized digital and virtual experiences. We brought Volvo’s brand philosophy – “designed around you” – to life in a meaningful and relevant way to its target audience. Volvo’s ‘desired drivers’ value innovation, simplicity and ‘Swedish luxury’, and want to be associated with a brand that shares their pioneering spirit and values.