Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company THE DIGITALS Warsaw, POLAND
Advertising Agency THE DIGITALS Warsaw, POLAND
Media Agency MEDIAVEST Warsaw, POLAND
Production Company PAPAYA FILMS Warsaw, POLAND
Name Company Position
Michal Kobierzewski The Digitals Sp. Zo.o. Creative Director
Kuba Sagan The Digitals Sp. Z O.o. Copywriter
Michał Wieladek The Digitals Sp. Z O.o. Art Director
Marcin Topolski The Digitals Sp. Z O.o. Art Director
Bartosz Krawczyński The Digitals Sp. Z O.o. Art Director
Bartosz Bartel The Digitals Sp. Z O.o. Programmer
Luiza Jaworska Jaworska Nogal The Digitals Sp. Z O.o. Strategy Director
Michał Sławinski The Digitals Sp. Z O.o Social Media Director
Mania Kostrzewska The Digitals Sp. Z O.o. Social Media Manager
Michał Plichta The Digitals Sp. Z O.o. Community Manager
Agata Szybilska The Digitals Sp. Z O.o. Client Service Director

Creative Execution

A couple of days later... We contacted Simon’s brothers and went to Ireland to meet them and talk about a prank surprise for their oldest brother. Simon never knew what was happening. Nearly two weeks after Simon’s post the reunion was complete! Four brothers reunited in a Warka pub after two years of separation for a biggest party in their lifes. A week later, docementary about this event went TV and online. We also started online activation thanks to which five more groups of mates won a reunion - just like Simon and his brothers!

The brothers reunion was the only activity of Warka in fourth quater of 2013. Due to our activation prefeence score increased up to 21%! A documentary about the brothers reunion reach 6 000 000 viewers on national TV and 3 000 000 more on Facebook. 40 000 people took part in the contest and Warkas fanpage gain 15 000 more fans. But for us, the biggest measuring of succes was Simons reaction and that bread smile when he saw his brothers.

Warka Consumers are young men who want to have fun with friends and get their fill of experiences before taking that final step into adulthood. Warka wants to establish a dialogue with them, to encourage groups of mates to get together and start things happening, to give them a reason to act. The author of the idea? Life itself. Simon wrote a post about his brothers on Warka’s Facebook wall. He lives alone in Warsaw, while his brothers left the country to make a better living. Digging deeper, we discovered that this siuation is common among Poles, with two million people, mostly young men, leaving the country in search of work. So many broken bonds, and the only chance to share a beer is over Skype. Not the same as the real atmosphere of a Piwiarnia pub (Warka’s chain), over a real pint of Warka. So we decided to help.