Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company JUNG von MATT Hamburg, GERMANY
Advertising Agency JUNG von MATT Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Tobias Grimm Jung Von Matt AG Executive Creative Director
Jens Pfau Jung Von Matt AG Executive Creative Director
Dörte Spengler/Ahrens Jung Von Matt AG Executive Creative Director
Nic Heimann Jung Von Matt AG Managing Director
Hans/Peter Sporer Jung Von Matt AG Creative Director
Henning Robert Jung Von Matt AG Creative Director
Luitgard Hagl Jung Von Matt AG Copywriter
Thimon Machatzke Jung Von Matt AG Art Director
Canhür Aktuglu Jung Von Matt AG Art Director
Dennis Wendt Jung Von Matt AG Agency Producer
Anna Liem Interactive Producer
Joscha Kadegge Animator
Steven Hofmann Sound Design Arrangement
Steven Hofmann Sound Engineer
Yannik Nielsen Jung Von Matt AG Art Buyer
Andreas Birnbaum Speaker
Nerd Industries Other Credits
The Shack Berlin Gmbh Production

Creative Execution

We decided to use the NPD’s own facebook page as our main channel. But first we had to find out how to post, as they have strictly regulated privacy settings to cut out protesters. We found out that we could post pictures as comments, if we only posted the URLs of jpegs. So we designed funny but protesting visual statements and saved them on our server, so that the URLs could be posted into the NPD comments. Those pictures are much more visible than text comments and more fun to post and share.

With only a website, a video and our shareable visual statements we drew the attention of hundreds of thousands of people from 23 countries and countless enthnicities to the problem and made them protest together. Directly in the NPD’s backyard. In only the first 48 hours more then 100,000 people took part in infiltrating the site until we were the majority. The friendly take-over soon arrived in the media: With almost no budget we reached a gross media value of more than 800,000 € and had more than 7 million people’s attention sharpened of the importance to fight racism. Hundreds of thousands more took part in the following week, after the media had spread the news.

Germany still has a big problem with neo-Nazis. The racist party NPD spreads their hate against foreigners. Especially on facebook. The NGO „Loud against Nazis“ asked for an attention-grabbing idea, that makes people protest against this Nazi propagada on facebook. So we decided to confront the Nazis with their greatest fear: „Überfremdung“. That is neo-Nazi jargon for infiltration with foreign blood. And we launched the Like Attack: The first Like-Storm instead of a shitsorm. Directly on the NPD’s facebook page. On the international holocaust memorial day we mobilzed the people to take over the NPD facebook page with peaceful statements.