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Product/ServiceEA SPORTS™ FIFA14
Category C01. WEBSITE
Production Company RESN Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Name Company Position
Mark Bernath/Eric Quennoy Wieden/Kennedy Amsterdam Executive Creative Directors
Edu Pou Wieden/Kennedy Amsterdam Head Of Creative Innovation
Mike Farr/Pierre Janneau Wieden/Kennedy Amsterdam Creative Directors
Andrew Allen Wieden/Kennedy Amsterdam Director Of Interactive Production
Arnaud Ronquillo Wieden/Kennedy Amsterdam Interactive Producer
Ignasi Tudela Calafell Wieden/Kennedy Amsterdam Art Director
David Smith Wieden/Kennedy Amsterdam Copywriter
Ben Armistead Wieden/Kennedy Amsterdam Planner
Kirk Johnsen/Nick Campion/Kerstin Hagg Wieden/Kennedy Amsterdam Account Management Production
Resn Production
Resn Interactive 3d Animation/Texturing
Resn Audio
Assembly 3d Modelling/Maya Animation
Todd Sitrin Electronic Arts Senior Vice President/Global Marketing
Jamie Mckinlay Electronic Arts Vice President/Global Marketing
Dana Marineau Electronic Arts Senior Director/Advertising And Media
Dustin Shekell Electronic Arts Director/Advertising
Oliver Hughes Electronic Arts International Marketing Director
Matt Mckie Electronic Arts Global Senior Product Marketing Manager
Mark Evans Electronic Arts Senior Manager/Advertising And Media

Creative Execution

LE0 was a big, complicated character – built in Maya (over 200,000 polygons and 75 Megapixels), and created from 3D scans from FIFA 14 and hundreds of high-resolution photos of the real Messi. These were mapped over 750 bones – 4 times more than a real human body. The key to his humanity was the way we layered animations. The trick was to ensure there was never just one animation playing out. At any given moment, there were ten animations playing on top of one another. This allowed LE0 to move just like his real-life counterpart, with unparalleled realism and detail.

And as people explored LE0, our dynamic content module told them everything they needed to know about FIFA 14. - Average time on site 6+ mins with an average of 13 body interactions per visitor. - Over 750k unique visitors. - Earned global audience of over 160 million via tech, news and sports media. - Over 26 million impressions on social channels.

FIFA 14 on Gen 4 revolutionized sports gaming with players who think and move like real human beings. So, naturally, it called for an idea that was equally alive: LE0 - Internet’s first human sized avatar living in your browser. All 5 foot 7 of Lionel Messi, at your control. Artificial intelligence brought LE0 to life. He not only reacted to users' interactions, he remembered what these were and responded in a human way, behaving differently from one poke to the next. The role of was to provide early adopters with the FIFA 14 product details they craved. Form and content both communicated the innovation behind FIFA14. Just like the game that inspired him, LE0 was alive. And wherever you encountered LE0, even on all mobile or tablet devices, he would always be life-sized.