Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company SERVICEPLAN Munich, GERMANY
Advertising Agency SERVICEPLAN Munich, GERMANY
Production Company LIGA_01 COMPUTERFILM Munich, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Alexander Schill Serviceplan Chief Creative Officer
Matthias Harbeck Serviceplan Executive Creative Director
Till Diestel Serviceplan Executive Creative Director
Marcell Francke Serviceplan Creative Director
Lorenz Langgartner Serviceplan Copywriter
Franz Roeppischer Serviceplan Art Director
Tobias Pieper Serviceplan Account Director
Frank Graefe Eat/Sleep/Design Gmbh Illustrator
Philipp Schmidt Freelancer Programmer
Sarah Neuner LIGA 01 Producer
Philipp Feit German Wahnsinn Sound Design
Constantin Von Zitzewitz Freelancer 3d/Motion Design
Sven Wellbrock Freelancer 3d
Johannes Peter Freelancer 3d
Florian Dehmel Freelancer 3d
Gabriel Doell Serviceplan Junior Copywriter
Andreas Heuschneider Serviceplan Graphic Design

Creative Execution

The business report was written in text form, then edited, so that the content could be used as Javascript code while remaining easy to read. A game concept and design were programmed, in which the data from the text-report could be used as parameters for gaming elements. A direct response contact form was integrated in the end. Text-code and game-code were matched into a single file so by changing the file extension, you could switch between text and game form. This file was sent out via email to potential partners, business opinion leaders and the media.

The Business Report Game was sent out to more than 500 contacts worldwide: Potential partners, journalists, bloggers and industry opinion leaders. Within a week, we received more than 300 replies, with a total response rate of 94%. The responses were overwhelmingly positive and led to ongoing conversations and personal invitations. Among the many new business relationships generated from the Business Report Game, the most significant is with Swedish digital entertainment company „Stillfront Group“, with which Bytro has now merged „to become one of Europe’s leading cross platform providers of digital entertainment.“

BytroLabs is a game developing startup from Germany, producing innovative browser games for more than 5 Mio. players worldwide. To expand their business, they were looking for new partners. For that purpose, they asked us to find a way to approach and engage relevant contacts in the most creative and surprising way. Generating conversations, pitch invitations and new business opportunities. So they asked us to find a creative way to effectively start conversations with these decision makers. We knew we would compete for awareness, so we had to be most surprising and innovative – all while being on little to no budget. Insight: The best way to convince people of our product and business is to demonstrate it. So we let them experience both our game developing and business skills at the same time, first hand.