Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company TBWA\PARIS, FRANCE
Advertising Agency TBWA\PARIS, FRANCE
Advertising Agency 2 DAN PARIS Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE
Production Company \ELSE Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Philippe Simonet TBWA PARIS Executive Creative Director
Nathalie Huni DAN PARIS Executive Creative Director
Marc Fraissinet/David Ruffier TBWA PARIS Account Managers
Ivan Zindovic DAN PARIS Technical Director
Sylvain Theyssens DAN PARIS Art Director
Gilles Suprin/Fabien Duval/Thomas Boudot DAN PARIS Copywriters
Muriel Mehong DAN PARIS Interaction Designer
Pierre Bouquet DAN PARIS 3d Designer/Art Director
Hugo Piquemal/Louis Ansa DAN PARIS Art Director Assistant
Christophe Courty DAN PARIS Motion Designer
Timothy J.reynolds 3d Low Poly Designer
Maxime Boiron ELSE Head Of Tv
Severine Damolini ELSE Post Production Manager
Fanny Mithois ELSE Sound Producer
Valentin Gault ELSE 3d Motion Designer
Vincent Borreda DAN PARIS Digital Project Manager
Glenn Pezier DAN PARIS Technical Project Manager
Nicolas Rozen DAN PARIS Back End Developer
Emal Saifi/Antonin Langlade DAN PARIS Mobile Developer
Sylvain Tran/Geoffrey Mayeux 60 FPS Front End Developer

Creative Execution

Students of 180 French engineer schools faced each other on 10 challenges, each one harder than the other. To maximize the recruitment process, the game was connected to social networks such as LinkedIn, and completing their resumes helped the candidates earn bonus points. The artistic direction and the site development had to follow strict rules : the students had to be immersed in a real video game as well as in the daily life and challenges of SNCF engineers. The website had to be rich in HD content but fast loading at the same time. The players had to be able to enjoy the game on every device without a deterioration of the experience on mobile and tablets.

150 out of 180 schools took part in the game. Out of 50,00O participants, only 17 managed to finish the game. In just 3 months, 950 students applied for a job at SNCF. Awards: Site of the Day on FWA, CSS Awards and Design Licks. Mobile of the Day on FWA. The game was shared by various websites specialising in design, game and recruitment.

SNCF is the French National Railway Company. They have 250,000 employees in 120 countries. Their engineers are known for being some of the best. In 2014, they are launching a big recruiting campaign aimed at attracting students from the best engineering schools. The competitive spirit that exists between engineering schools had to be awoken in order to encourage students to play. Launch a game that would be so hard that only the best students would be able to compete. The Engineer Challenge, The most serious game ever. A row of 10 very difficult challenges that put 180 French engineering schools to the test. To optimise the recruitment, the game was synced with LinkedIn, the professional social network, offering bonuses to all uploaded CVs and cover letters.