Winners & Shortlists


Category E01. SOCIAL VIDEO
Advertising Agency JWT/FABRIKANT Zurich, SWITZERLAND
Production Company ONFILM Zurich, SWITZERLAND
Name Company Position
Remy Fabrikant JWT/FABRIKANT Ceo
Matthias Walker Mazda Suisse SA Direktor Marketing
Jochen Hennecke JWT/FABRIKANT Account Director
Michele Salati JWT/FABRIKANT Creative Director
Giuseppe Loffredo Mazda Suisse SA Direktor Pr
Anne Thorens Mazda Suisse SA Manager Communication/Events
Tina Mons JWT/FABRIKANT Account Manager
Sabrina Schoenfelder JWT/FABRIKANT Director Digital
Grégory Mettraux Mazda Suisse SA Product Coordinator
Bastien Junod Mazda Suisse SA Online/Crm/Events Specialist
Rainer Bühler JWT/FABRIKANT Strategie
Mihoko Homma JWT/FABRIKANT Strategie
Noèlie Martin JWT/FABRIKANT Art Director
Cagdas Cakmaktas JWT/FABRIKANT Art Director
Heinz Helle JWT/FABRIKANT Copywriter
Urs Zwyssig JWT/FABRIKANT Copywriter
David Guntern JWT/FABRIKANT Dtp
Sascha Djabbari JWT/FABRIKANT Technical Manager
Pascal Kuptz JWT/FABRIKANT Digital Manager
Vanessa Benvenuto JWT/FABRIKANT Graphic Designer

Creative Execution

By inviting people to “Show their Switzerland to the world” we motivated through an innovative social media campaign, to discover and share the unknown (and still largely unmapped) sides of Switzerland. The Swiss were invited to drive a Mazda with an exclusively developed Streetview camera on its roof, and a Garmin Action cam inside the car to capture people’s emotions. People registered their routes on the website, chose their Mazda, described their route and agreed on a timing. The uploaded stories and videos create on a picture of Switzerland that didn’t exist before: emotional, unexpected, engaging and online.

The campaign results: 10 % of the Swiss citizens were involved in the campaign, 25 % of the Swiss have seen the Voilà ma Suisse-Videos on YouTube. 34000 of the entire 71000 kilometers of Switzerland`s streets, were mapped and documented with thousands of pictures and individual stories by Voilà ma Suisse test drivers. The test driver average age of Mazda was reduced from 45 down to 38 thanks to Voilà ma Suisse. 82% of the Voilà ma Suisse test drivers had previously not driven a Mazda before. Millions of CHF worth PR value was generated alone by the online campaign.

When Google Street View failed to put Switzerland on the map, due to swiss law applications, Mazda took on the challenge and accomplished Google’s mission. Our mission: to make the brand Mazda more engaging and relevant for the target group while overcoming common brand hurdles. By challenging communication conventions with a surprising, unseen online campaign. The campaign idea enables not only to map Switzerland in a rational way but also contrary to Google in an emotional manner. Thereby making „Voilà ma Suisse“ the largest test drive ever.