Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceTHE ALL-NEW XC90
Entrant Company DIGITASLBI Copenhagen, DENMARK
Advertising Agency DIGITASLBI Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Pierre Renhult Digitaslbi Managing Director
Pia Leichter Digitaslbi Creative Director
Kasper Møller Digitaslbi Senior Art Director
Carl/Henrik Monrad/Aas Digitaslbi Planner
Marcus Mustafa Digitaslbi Global Head Of Ux
Jenny Nolebring Digitaslbi Client Partner
Sara Eggerts Digitaslbi Experience Architect
Emilie Johansson Digitaslbi Art Director
Jordan Strang Digitaslbi Copywriter
Peder Sandqvist Digitaslbi Producer
Oskar Nilsson Digitaslbi Account Director
Mattias Johnsson Digitaslbi Technical Director
Daniel Gomez/Windshuttle Digitaslbi Project Manager
Kristian Parkkila Digitaslbi Content Coordinator
Deniz Vural Digitaslbi Social Planner
Martin Kraftt Digitaslbi Interface Developer
Kristoffer Melin Digitaslbi Interface Developer
Emma Lundgren Digitaslbi Experience Architect
Tony Holmstedt Digitaslbi Project Manager
Simon Brock Digitaslbi Copywriter

Creative Execution

We started by creating a campaign site that introduced the interior of the all-new XC90 to the world. The campaign then activated Volvo offices and dealers to not only identify the perfect owners for the all-new XC90 First Edition, but also invite them to reserve one of 1,927 cars sold online. Influential guests experienced the world’s first virtual test-drive using Oculus Rift at the Paris Motor Show. The campaign site fully revealed the ‘new Volvo’ to the world and the web shop opened for business. We used Facebook and Twitter to provide sales support and spread and amplify the campaign.

The car was sold exclusively on the campaign website and even on Facebook. The web shop opened September 3rd 2014, with the last car sold 47 hours later. Most of the cars were reserved within one hour from sales start. At its peak, we sold 7 cars a minute. Our social media team provided customer support in real-time to hundreds of people. We also shared pioneering stories across Facebook and Twitter, fostering conversations and shifting perspectives about the Volvo Cars brand. The campaign success ignited conversations and news coverage across social media, forums and news outlets around the world.

The main objectives were two-fold: position Volvo in the premium segment and sell 1,927 all-new XC90 First Edition cars exclusively online. A car people couldn’t physically experience because it hadn’t been produced yet. Volvo needed to both challenge and confirm its identity to attract a new audience and ‘desired drivers’ whilst driving loyalty amongst existing VIP Volvo customers. We were tasked with bringing Volvo’s brand philosophy – “designed around you” – to life in a meaningful and relevant way to its target audience. Volvo’s ‘desired drivers’ value innovation, simplicity and ‘Swedish luxury’, and want to be associated with a brand that shares their pioneering spirit and values. We created an ecosystem of experiences, from personalized stories and outreach, to a virtual test drive to e-commerce – designed to create desire for a product that couldn’t be physically experienced. We not only launched the all-new XC90, but also re-launched the brand.