Winners & Shortlists


Category E01. SOCIAL VIDEO
Entrant Company HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Advertising Agency HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Production Company PUMPKIN FILM Zürich, SWITZERLAND
Name Company Position
Davide Pincin Swisscom Head Of Marketing Communication Res
Olivier Stähli Swisscom Head Of Marketing Communication Wireless
Nathalie Maibach Swisscom Communication Manager Wireless
Philip Gasser Swisscom Online Communikations/Manager
Simon Schütz/Panajot Jelev Swisscom Social Media Manager
Marietta Werder Swisscom Public Relations
Guido Heffels Heimat/Berlin Cco/Founder
Ole Vinck/Michael Schachtner Heimat/Berlin Creative Director
Malte Bülskämper Heimat/Berlin Copywriter
Lucas Schneider Heimat/Berlin Art Director
Fabian Rössler Heimat/Berlin Junior Copywriter
Christina Müller Heimat/Berlin Account Director
Alexander Münzer Heimat/Berlin Agency Producer
Sonja Brand Pumpkin Executive Producer
Stefanie Brand Pumpkin Producer
Kai Sehr Pumpkin Director
Björn Knechtel Pumpkin Camera
Simon Gstöttmayr/Daniel Kladiva Pumpkin Editor
Brian D. Yessian/Michael J. Yessian/Ingmar Rehberg Pumpkin Music Composer
Andrej Krause Pumpkin Executive Producer

Creative Execution

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the world’s first smartphone with an integrated heart rate sensor. We launched the new S5 in Switzerland by creating the ultimate pulse challenge: Keep your heart rate under 100 bpm to win the S5. Contestants were thrown into terrifying situations to see if they could stay calm. They faced rats, witches, maniac wrestlers and a host of other ghastly threats. While they tried to keep cool, the audience watched the game online as live banners streamed the challenge to major Swiss websites bringing the viewers to a microsite where they could participate and win the S5.

1,4 million views of event live stream over 400.000 clicks on youtube 3,18 million unique clients over 9 million ad media contacts plus 4,375 million ad impressions on facebook one in every three Swiss people reached view-through rate was 78% average viewtime amounted to 1:45 min. S5 reached „Bestseller“ status in Swisscom stores

In May 2014 Swisscom and Samsung joined forces to launch the new Samsung Galaxy S5 – the world’s first smartphone that can measure your pulse with an integrated heart rate sensor. A special webpage invited the bravest Swiss people to test this new feature at a unique event: The S5 Pulse Challenge. A game with only one rule: Keep your heart rate under 100 bpm to win the S5. The contestants were thrown into the most unnerving and terrifying experiment to see how much they could take. Who's able to keep their heart rate stable whilst facing the scariest situations – and who will crack?