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Product/ServiceNOKIA LUMIA
Entrant Company DENKWERK Cologne, GERMANY
Advertising Agency DENKWERK Cologne, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Gregor Kuschmirz Denkwerk Gmbh Creative Director
Patric Schäfer Denkwerk Gmbh Creative Director
Sebastian Suhre Denkwerk Gmbh Sound Design Arrangement
Peter Eriksson Denkwerk Gmbh Art Director
Rasmus Andersson Denkwerk Gmbh Copywriter

Creative Execution

As in the case of “Time to #switch“, the first part of the viral campaign, the follow-on production portrays Lumia users as the individualists among smartphone owners. As such, Nokia is making a clear statement and is positioning its smartphone range as being individual, likeable and versatile. The opportunity is also taken to subtly hit out at the competition: shown alongside dull, grey apples, bright and colourful types of fruit symbolise the versatility of the brand. The spot conveys to everyone wishing to break out of the humdrum routine of the smartphone user experience, the clear message is: “switch to Lumia“.

The spot was seen on YouTube more than 28,000 times, spread via the social networks in a viral manner and received a positive assessment in excess of 97% of cases.

An image campaign was to make Nokia Lumia smartphones known and present their users as individualists. Following the success of the initial spot in October 2012, a follow-on spot was to be produced, whereby the Lumia range was to be perceived as being likeable, individual and versatile. “Dare to be different - #Timetoswitch“ visualises how the versatility of Nokia Lumia breaks through the monotony of everyday life.