Winners & Shortlists


Category E01. SOCIAL VIDEO
Entrant Company GARBERGS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Advertising Agency GARBERGS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production Company ADAMSKY Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Sebastian Smedberg Garbergs Art Director
Sedir Ajeenah Garbergs Copywriter
Ida Tenggren Garbergs Production Manager
Michael Ring Garbergs Digital Creative
William Löthman Garbergs Pr Assistant
Petter Ödeen Garbergs Creative Director
Linn With Family Model Special Thanks

Creative Execution

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation knows the importance of advertisement, but their main focus lies in using as much of their funding to cancer research as possible. Therefore the media budget for this campaign was zero. The campaign relied entirely on having an engaging insight and emotional outtake. Commuters reactions to the billboard was documented and uploaded on Youtube, the platform for the entire campaign. Further, we spread the ad by sending the link to journalists who previously reported about the shampoo ad. Thus generating a clear incentive for media outlets to report about the new version.

The ad became the most shared clip on Swedish Youtube after a couple of days. After two weeks the clip had over 2,5 million views from more than 217 countries. The ad has been covered in newspapers and tv-channels from Sweden to China. In fourteen days, the campaign has generated an increase of donations to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation with 900%.

Childhood cancer occurs regularly, randomly and spares no ethnic group or socioeconomic class. It takes away childhood and affects families. Despite these facts, childhood cancer research is vastly and consistently underfunded. Our brief was to raise awareness and donations to The Swedish Child Hood Cancer Foundation. Earlier this year, a Swedish shampoo ad caught the attention of commuters by showing a woman’s hair blowing in the wind whenever a train pulled into the station. We decided to make our own version at the same digital billboard on the same metro station. But in our version we took help from Linn, a young girl currently battling her illness. When the train passed by, her wig blew off, thus illustrating the hairloss as a metaphor for being diagnosed with cancer. The digital billboard was filmed on site. We captured the reactions of everyday commuters and uploaded the film on Youtube.