Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company FRED & FARID GROUP Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency FRED & FARID GROUP Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Fred/Farid FRED/FARID GROUP Chief Creative Officers
Julien Pierre Mallet FRED/FARID GROUP Copywriter
Julien/Pierre Mallet FRED/FARID GROUP Art Director
François Grouiller FRED/FARID GROUP Head Of Strategy
Daniel Dormeyer/Robin Garabedian FRED/FARID GROUP Account Director
Katharina Nicol FRED/FARID GROUP Agency Producer
Marc/Andreas Brinkmann/Fabien Neel/Sabrina Nicolas AUDI FRANCE Clients

Creative Execution

In total, we installed 32 microphones in and around the Audi RS. Two of them were located in the ears of a “dummy head” placed in the driving seat to determine how exactly the sounds spread and reach the driver’s ears. The emitted sound waves were then mixed by 7 sound engineers using a technic called “binaural synthesis”, so as to offer the listener’s brain a full 1080° hearing experience. As our auditory sensations are amplified when we don’t simultaneously receive visual information, we asked people to use headphones and switch off their lights for a truly mind-blowing, visceral experience of this “blind drive”.

5 million people (a quarter of French driving population) experienced our “blind drive”. The experience was rated positively 9 times out of 10 on youtube – which is well above youtube standards (4-6 out of 10 on average) – which is even more remarkable considering this is branded content. The campaign was saluted by more than 30 articles on qualified media specialized in automotive, luxury and music design. From a business standpoint, the campaign has proven to be an indisputable success. Indeed, showcasing the persuasive power of this stimulating quasi real-life experience, online configurations for the Audi RS6 increased by 75% vs. the month before the campaign, while sales jumped by 275% vs. the average month.

The objective of the campaign was to attract new customers by showcasing the horsepower of the new Audi RS6, a sportscar designed to send a rush of excitement to anyone who seats behind its wheel. Yet, we knew simply talking about the sensations provided by the car won’t properly convey such a feeling. So we conceived the campaign to make the target audience physically experience the sensations of driving the Audi RS6. To achieve this, we had to face the challenge of recreating the physical sensation that would transport the audience in the driving seat. As contemporary neuroscience indicated, our auditory system is the sense that provides us with the richest blend of sensations and stimulates best our imagination. Leveraging holophonics, a unique sound technic enabling our audience to live a quasi-real life experience, we created a fully immersive acoustic experience to transport our audience’s imagination in the Audi RS6 racing on a race track.