Winners & Shortlists


Category C02. MICROSITE
Entrant Company MORTIERBRIGADE Brussels, BELGIUM
Advertising Agency MORTIERBRIGADE Brussels, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Jens Mortier/Joost Berends/Philippe De Ceuster Mortierbrigade Creative Director
Vincent D' Halluin Mortierbrigade Strategy
Stijn Jansen Mortierbrigade Creative
Bram Ceuppens Mortierbrigade Creative
Wannes Vermeulen Mortierbrigade Creative Developer
Wietse De Ridder Mortierbrigade Creative Developer
Eline Rousseau Mortierbrigade Agency Producer
Erik Todts Consortium 1212 Marketing Manager

Creative Execution

Introducing A website where you can select a piece of the devastated area simply by clicking and dragging. The larger your selection, the higher your contribution. And the higher your contribution, the bigger the piece of the map is reconstructed. Via social media, you could easily show your friends how you contributed to rebuilding Haiyan. And see the website get rebuilt piece by piece.

In the end did its part to help the Philippines. The system was very well received by online donors. And because of its user friendliness and very short set up time, arrangements have been made to further develop the click and drag system. It will become the standard platform for all future online fundraising for the 1212 Consortium.

On November 8, 2013 the Philippines were struck by typhoon Haiyan. Killing 4.500 people, destroying over 1 million houses, leaving 4.4 million people homeless, and affecting 13 million people in total. Thus turning a once beautiful place, into a ruin. To help overcome this nightmare, the Belgian 1212 Consortium launched HAIYAN 2121. A joint operation of 5 major charity organizations: UNICEF, OXFAM, HANDICAP INTERNATIONAL, CARITAS, and MEDECINS DU MONDE to spearhead the reconstruction of the disaster area. In order to make donations easier and more tangible, we developed a new system of online fundraising based on the before and after satellite images of the areas that were struck the most.