Winners & Shortlists


Advertising Agency PUBLICIS CONSEIL Paris, FRANCE
Production Company JAM3 Toronto, CANADA
Name Company Position
Béatrice Mandine Orange Deputy Director Of Communications
Thierry Marigny Orange Brand Director
Anne Imbert/Joanna Gaumet/Charlie Lévêque Orange Advertiser Supervisors
Steve O’leary Publicis Conseil Creative Director
Meric Settembre Publicis Conseil Copywriter
Thomas Bernard Publicis Conseil Art Director
Cécile Lejeune/Guillaume Foskolos/Laetitia Mulinazzi Publicis Conseil Account Managers
Benoit Candelle Publicis Conseil Digital Strategic Planner
Paula Petrucci Publicis Conseil Digital Consultant
Julien Chaillou Publicis Conseil Creative Technologist
Adrian Belina Jam3 Creative Director
Graham Budd/Sumit Ajwani Jam3 Producers
Vinicius Araujo/Nixson Sysanga Jam3 Designers
Josh Ingleby Jam3 3d Motion/Model Design
Aaron Morris Jam3 Technical Director
Mikko Haapoja Jam3 Director Of Creative Technology
Tom Dysinski Jam3 3d Developer
Matt Deslauriers/Andrew Giles/Amal Khandelwal/Kevin Kofler/Jonathan Mckinnell/Va Jam3 Developers
Robert Scarborough Jam3 Director Of Photography
Pierre Marcus/Thierry Delesalle Prodigious Producers

Creative Execution

To bring this idea to life, we faced 2 key challenges: - The visual realism of one’s future-self: for the first time ever, 5 digital technologies were brought together - motion capture, face detection, aging process, voice recognition and real-time 3D rendering. The website was multi-device and cross-browser, with an adapted experience when needed. - The future-self’s capacity to answer you: an artificial intelligence, based on what people want to know about their future (global matters, innovations, personal life…) was also created, through a trilingual decision tree encompassing 2000 keywords leading to 1500 audio and video answers.

A month after the launch, 1 800 000 people had talked to themselves, spending on average 05:45 min. on the website, which amounts to 170 000 hours of conversation! Over 1000 articles were published worldwide, including in prestigious media such as The New York Times, delivering more than 290 000 000 impressions. People have been reclaiming with the experience and sharing their thoughts, pictures and videos on social networks, using the #Futureself hashtag. Overall, the experience is described as amusing and innovating, showing already a change in the perception of the brand.

In 2014, Orange turned 20! On this occasion, the objective was to change the brand perception in terms of innovation, especially among a young and connected crowd (15 to 25 year old), often hard to impress and sceptical about Orange being an innovative brand. Rather than rolling back the hands of time and evaluating the path taken, Orange took the opportunity to look forward and imagine tomorrow’s innovations in everyone’s day to day life. And who better than yourself to tell you about the future and the digital innovations of the 2034 world?! This is how the #Futureself campaign was born, based on a website that allows you to live an interactive face-to-face with yourself in 20 years.