Winners & Shortlists


Category E01. SOCIAL VIDEO
Entrant Company ÅKESTAM HOLST Stockholm, SWEDEN
Advertising Agency ÅKESTAM HOLST Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production Company STOPP/FAMILY Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Andreas Ullenius Åkestam Holst Creative Director
Lars Baecklund Åkestam Holst Art Director
Mariette Glodeck Åkestam Holst Copywriter
Sara Clewemar Åkestam Holst Account Director
Jennie Strinnhed Åkestam Holst Account Manager
Sofia Swedenborg Åkestam Holst Digital Producer
Patrik Karlsson Åkestam Holst Planner
Lotta Person Åkestam Holst Graphic Designer
Jens Sjöbergh Åkestam Holst Graphic Designer
Nisse Axman Åkestam Holst Motion Designer
Anne/Lie Karl Åkestam Holst Studio Assistant
Elisabeth Frang Söderberg Agentur Photography
Fredrik Kullberg Apotek Hjärtat Advertiser Supervisor

Creative Execution

To reach the objectives focus was set on of the products within the Apolosophy product line, namely haircare products. The reasoning behind the decision was that haircare products has the lowest trial threshold of all Apolosophy products since it is the product with the highest purchase frequency, and by focusing on one product we increased the distinctiveness of the campaign. Since we knew that haircare products are bought to give life to ones hair we decided that the creative solution should be to bring the advertisement itself to life, and make an otherwise non-personal media into a very personal experience.

Until today the movie showcasing the creative solution has over 2.9 million unique views in 190 countries. All this without any mediaspend to promote the video. Instead, media outlets such as CNN, CBS, TIME, MASHABLE, HUFFINGTON POST and GIZMODO all wrote about the campaign. The hype that was created helped Apotek Hjärtat, despite the small budget to reach out to the target audience, to beat the sales target with as much as 40 %. Also, increased brand awareness within target audience by 35% and as a conceivable brand by 48%.

Apotek Hjärtat (Swedens largest private pharmacy) launched, at the beginning of 2014, a new line of products under the name Apolosophy. Apolosophy was launched as a way to raise consideration for Apotek Hjärtat as a brand and increase traffic to stores by offering products that historically has not been promoted at pharmacies in Sweden, namely a more premium range of products within beauty care. Objectives of a product launch campaign is to raise awareness, create recall of the brand behind the products, and create an urge to try them. The campaign was targeted at existing customers, and competitors customers. The idea behind the campaign was to prove to people that Apolosophy hairproducts are like no other brand when it comes to bringing your hair to life.