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Short List
Category C01. WEBSITE
Entrant Company BETC Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency BETC Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency 2 BETC DIGITAL Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Stephane Xiberras BETC Executive Creative Director
Olivier Apers BETC Creative Director
Guillaume Rebbot BETC Digital Copywriter
Sandy Semelin BETC Digital Digital Producer
Adrien Armanet Director
Iconoclast Interactive/Anonymous Production House
GUM Sound Production

Creative Execution

“Being the Bear” is an interactive experience allowing users to become the director of the scene themselves. Users can direct their cast by voice (or by keyboard) via a voice recognition system. They can direct the scene in a variety of film genres, such as comedy, horror...or even porno. The cast respond instantly and enact the scenes. A konami code also allows users to trigger the famous tantrums of Paul Bearman and his famous catchphrase “I don’t give a shit”, triggering widespread panic on the set! This interactive spot is available on all screens: computers, laptops, mobile phones.

⇨ 2 million visits ⇨ Average time spent on the website upon launch: 6 minutes ⇨ A revisit rate of around 23% ⇨ A sharing rate upon launch of over 11% A real hit with both the critics and the public: ⇨ Numerous press and blog articles (HuffingtonPost etc.) ⇨ Around 47,000 shares on Facebook ⇨ Over 11,000 tweets by users within the first week in France

CANAL+'s commitment to cinema is long-standing.It contributes to the financing of almost all French film and is a partner of some of the industry's biggest film festivals and ceremonies. But more importantly, it exclusively offers its subscribers over 30 first-run films each month. However, its position as key player is under threat by on-demand services and more recently, players such as Netflix. It is also threatened by new content in the form of TV series that have become synonymous with entertainment. Upon the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival and with a programming schedule that features a broad range of major films, CANAL+ decided to reintroduce Paul Bearman, the famous director of its film "The Bear", launched over two years ago to wide-spread acclaim. As a symbol of cinema culture, the Bear offers viewers, both subscribers and prospective customers, a journey to the very heart of the world of cinema.