Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company BOB THE ROBOT Helsinki, FINLAND
Advertising Agency BOB THE ROBOT Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Toni Tiusanen Bob The Robot Creative
Jaakko Itäaho Bob The Robot Pictures Director
Kimmo Nurmisto Bob The Robot Client Service Lead
Outi Lahtinen Valio Marketing Manager
Marjo Jäärni Bob The Robot Pictures Production Manager
Julius Greis Bob The Robot Pictures Video Editor
Lauri Tarkka Bob The Robot Pictures Video Editor
Anu Ylimaa Freelancer Producer
Mikko Roisko Freelancer Sound Engineer
Hannu Pyyhtiä Freelancer Dop
Mika Tervonen Freelancer Dop
Tuomas Lahtinen Bob The Robot Graphic Designer
Jenny Lundqvist Bob The Robot Copywriter
Noora Harju Bob The Robot Copywriter
Nooa Olaley Bob The Robot Developer

Creative Execution

To truly engage with our target group online we introduced the Valio PROfeel® virtual personal trainers: World Champion poledancer Oona Kivelä and Olympic Swimmer Ari-Pekka Liukkonen. The campaign was launched with 100 videos where our athletes gave advice regarding training, motivation, and nutrition. But the real trick was to add an interactive layer to the training and make our personal trainers feel truly personal. Thanks to Youtube's retargeting tools we were able to create an unique multi-tier advertising funnel that would guide our "clients" step-by-step to the most relevant set of content and really make our personal trainers come alive.

As the campaign went on from tier to another our view through rates skyrocketed from 11% to as high as 39% (industry average 9.5% - 15.9%)! At the same time the cost per view has steadily fallen. Within the first six weeks our personal trainers have helped more than 100 000 people. People have spent over 10 000 hours with our personal trainers and more importantly with the Valio PROfeel® brand.

Valio PROfeel® is a range of dairy snacking products rich in protein aimed at people with active lifestyles. Launched in May 2012 the consumers quickly fell in love with the PROfeel® products. However, two years later the competition within the product category has increased and Valio has begun to lose market share. To tackle this issue Valio decided to use traditional media to stay relevant within its largest target group, people concerned with a healthy diet. The other major target group for PROfeel® are people with active lifestyles. We believe that these people are the true athletes because they find the time to exercise in their everyday lives. For this they need motivation more than anything else. Our target group is very active in digital medias. We decided to make a strategic move and shift our digital marketing focus from traditional dairy snacking advertising to motivating people to move.