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Short List
Product/ServiceBEST NETWORK
Category E01. SOCIAL VIDEO
Advertising Agency DDB HAMBURG, GERMANY
Media Agency MEDIACOM Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Hans/Christian Schwingen Dtag) DTAG Senior Vice President Group Brand Strategy And Marketing Communications
Philipp Friedel Deutsche Telekom Bereichsleiter Market Communications
Eric Schöffler DDB Group Gmbh Chief Creative Officer
Sven Klohk DDB Hamburg Gmbh Managing Director Creative
Simon Huke DDB Hamburg Gmbh Art Direction
Peter Regnery DDB Hamburg Gmbh Text
Henning Falk DDB Hamburg Gmbh Client Servicer Director
Katrin Spiegel DDB Hamburg Gmbh Account Director
Stefan Sindram DDB Hamburg Gmbh Strategic Planning
Meike Van Meegen DDB Hamburg Gmbh Agency Tv Producer
Kimberly Bianchi DDB Hamburg Gmbh Art Buyer
Damaris Beese DDB Hamburg Gmbh Idea
Keith Kenniff Composer
Stephan Fruth/Birgit Damen Soup Filmproduktion Gmbh Production Director
Bob And Linda Lancaster Carey Performer
Birgit Damen/Thomas Harig Soup Filmproduktion Gmbh Supervisor
Henry Lu Soup Filmproduktion Gmbh Direction

Creative Execution

We told the story in three phases, including 3 commercials, online- , social-media, PR- and event-activities. 1. We introduced the story in a commercial in TV and online. The long-edit of this commercial was shared worldwide. 2. Then we brought Bob und Linda to Berlin. Embedded in an event with fans and media another commercial was created, featuring the first German tutu--image. Then the international press spread the story on- and offline. 3. A third commercial documented how fast the story was shared. After the shooting Bob and Linda hosted the first German Tutu-Exhibition in Berlin – sponsored by Telekom.

Output/Awareness: Buzzfeed 3.1 million views –within one week PR reports in Print, TV and Online reach 250 million contacts and a earned media value of 5.7 million Euro 10.000 scores in blogs and forums 440.000 views on the Landing page 1305 print reports, 478 online reports and 41 TV and radio reports 3 million views on YouTube 2500 visitors at the Tutu-Exhibition Knowledge/Consideration: About 100.000 new Facebook-Fans 10% more followers on Telekom Twitter-Account Virality stays high – positive level of discussion during the campaign Positive tenor is spread through the users 99% positive tenor is spread through the users

A campaign to proof the power of online-sharing and to enforce the leadership position of Deutsche Telekom as provider of the best network in Germany. The core-idea of the campaign: Things get great when people start sharing. And how better to proof this insight, then with a real story that was shared and got great over the internet. The story of Linda and Bob. A photographer who portraits himself only wearing a pink tutu to make his wife smile after she was diagnosed with cancer. And the pictures also helped other patients and were shared over the network. The idea to support breast cancer patients with Bob’s pictures was born and Bob and Linda founded the Carey-Foundation.