Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company FRED & FARID GROUP Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency FRED & FARID GROUP Paris, FRANCE
Production Company GOLDEN MOUSTACHE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Fred/Farid FRED/FARID GROUP Chief Creative Officers
Julien Pierre Mallet FRED/FARID GROUP Copywriter
Thomas Raillard FRED/FARID GROUP Art Director
François Grouiller FRED/FARID GROUP Head Of Strategy
Florent Depoisier FRED/FARID GROUP Account Director
Koniba Pleah FRED/FARID GROUP Agency Producer
Magali Genetay/Magali Mirault/Anne Galavielle CARAMBAR CARAMBAR MONDELEZ INTERNATIONAL Clients

Creative Execution

-At the center of our social ecosystem, we created a content hub where the episodes were released and where all social content hashtaged with #goodluckcarambar was dynamically uploaded as a social feed. -We send a crew of writer/web comedian/editor/social strategists from Paris to Los Angeles, sleeping only 3 hours per day to be able to write, shoot, edit and release each episode in less than 24 hour, -The use of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram were central to spread the buzz each time a new episode was released and to source fresh user-generated content.

A content that captured people’s attention -reached half of online French population with a limited digital media buy -starting from an audience of 100 000 fans, we ended up with 2.2 million viewers -55k people pushed the buzzer to wish us “good luck” -1 tweet every 8 seconds the day of the launch 10 000 tweets in 20 days -broke a French industry record with the most engaging post on Facebook – 23365 likes and 2500 shares A digital-centric campaign that ended up on national TV -the campaign was mentioned several times on national TV and Radio for a total of 7mn30s of live free covering over a 3,05 million audience, despite strict regulations on brand mentions

Our objective was to be top-of-mind, but rather than a short-term coup, we had to be talked about all along our promotional activity period (from end of March to mid-April). Strong of last year’s demonstration of love for our silly jokes, we decided to test the power of our typically French jokes in America. Introducing “Good Luck Carambar”, the very first -and forever goofiest – experiment in “real-time brand content”. A two-week documentary composed of 8 episodes that were each scripted, shot, edited and released in less than 24 hours, based on the choices of the audience and the unexpected twist and turns happening on-site. The center of our social ecosystem was a specially designed web platform ( where people could watch the last episodes, wish us “good luck”, post original content and win some fun supporter kits.