Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company FRED & FARID GROUP Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency FRED & FARID GROUP Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency 2 FRED & FARID SHANGHAI, CHINA
Name Company Position
Fred/Farid FRED/FARID GROUP Chief Creative Officers
Feng Huang FRED/FARID GROUP Creative Directors
Feng Huang FRED/FARID GROUP Art Director
Liang Liao/Dongliang Wang FRED/FARID GROUP Copywriter
Grégoire Chalopin FRED/FARID GROUP Business Director
Yahui Chen FRED/FARID GROUP Account Director
Fan Yang FRED/FARID GROUP Account Manager
Liang Liao FRED/FARID GROUP Media Strategist

Creative Execution

Large research has been done in the beginning of the project in order to get a comprehensive understanding of our target audience’s preference and online behavior. The social team monitors the hot topics with the most user engagement 24-7. We identify those hot topics, both embracing the same TA group, and having a strong association with the products. Through making the connection between the client’s product and the hot topic, the buzz volumes are boosted to maximum within a short period of time This innovative solution ensures the viralbility of a real-time idea, the solid talkability on the social media.

We have reached a massive awareness and talkability for the brand on the Chinese most popular social media platform Weibo, with very small media budget. We have, through one simple activation on Nov 12th 2013, reached the talkability of 7,000 reposts and 4,000 comments within 1 hour, 42,000 reposts and 9,000 comments within 3 hours. It amounted to top 5 hottest Weibo within 4 hours and reached the huge audience coverage of 276 million views in total. With this one simple activation planned and executed within half day, we have surpassed the KPI of 3 months within 3 hours!

Ranking only 15th in the country’s skin care category, Garnier China launched in 2013 Garnier PS cream with the ambition to become the preferred brand of the Chinese new generation. The communication objective is to emerge the brand from the crowd with strong resonation among the young Chinese generation with a strong buzz & WOM. The target audience are mostly young, dynamic, me-centric and like to photoshop their own pictures with mobile apps before posting on social media. With limited media budget from the client, our strategy is to hijack the trendy topics on social media under the digital idea “PS For Real” and make Garnier PS Cream the hot topic, with and the support of a digital platform, EPR and drive to store mechanism. This digital hijacking strategy allows us to boost strong talkability and enormous media exposure on the product and the brand with limited media budget.