Winners & Shortlists


Category D01. WEB BANNER
Entrant Company AIAIAI Copenhagen, DENMARK
Advertising Agency AIAIAI Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Peter M. Willer AIAIAI Inhouse Creative Director
Frederik Jørgensen AIAIAI Inhouse Marketing Director
Andy Borglind AIAIAI Inhouse Art Director
Andy Borglind AIAIAI Inhouse Programmer
Nico Klenner AIAIAI Inhouse Marketing Manager

Creative Execution

The scratch banner was created using HTML 5, CSS 3 and javascript, and is hosted on AIAIAI servers and implemented with an iframe and a clicktag on other websites. To ensure the best experience across all devices, the banner detects wether the client is on a touch device, and makes sure the appropriate touch or click events is setup on the banner.

Thousands of people engaged with the content. It got substantial PR and social media exposure, which helped the special edition sell out - plus a second edition put into production. Besides linking AIAIAI with the credibility of Stones Throw and their musical heritage. The creativity and playfulness quite possibly got a few people to re-evaluate their opinion on web banners.

When launching the special edition collaboration with legendary Los Angeles based hip-hop label Stones Throw. Both companies wanted to reach the tastemakers and die hard music-fans. So it was decided, as part of the general media plan, to advertise on specific influential music websites and blogs. However some statistics show you are more likely to climb Mount Everest than click on a banner ad. So what if you could scratch it instead? In other words make a banner, that was so fun you couldn’t resist playing around with it. The result was a virtual turntable and LP that you can interact with and scratch in real time. Music courtesy of Peanut Butter Wolf & Stones Throw. Tying the product (headphones) very close to this medium. And showcasing both AIAIAI and Stones Throw core assets: Music.