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Category D01. WEB BANNER
Entrant Company MRM//McCANN Stockholm, SWEDEN
Advertising Agency MRM//McCANN Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Fredrik Hildebrand MRM/Mccann Creative Director
Johan Blomström MRM/Mccann Executive Creative Director
Fredrik Sundqvist MRM/Mccann Copywriter
Erik Olsson MRM/Mccann Art Director
Arnolds Verins MRM/Mccann Programmer
Tobias Vermehren MRM/Mccann Designer
Karolina Tysell MRM/Mccann Production Manager
Eric Gullberg MRM/Mccann Interaction Designer

Creative Execution

We selected real-estate-ads on Hemnet, with houses at a suitable distance from the city-center of Sweden’s three largest cities. Then we created a banner that showed up next to the real-estate-ads. In real time, the banners fetched the adress from the real-estate-ad, then combined the features of an electric bike with the features of Google Maps in order to calculate and show how quickly you could go to city center using an electric bike. Each banner also showed the best path for bicycling. By combining different messages with specific directions we generated more than 18 000 unique banners.

The Electric Bike Banner generated a click through rate that was three times higher than an average display banner. It is also remarkable that 2 700 people downloaded the voucher, which is equivalent to 20% of the total sales of electric bikes in Sweden in 2013 (the year before the campaign).

Background, insight: More than 30% of the average Swede’s total energy consumption is related to transportation, like car commuting. And out of all journeys made by car in urban areas, more than half are shorter than 5 km (3 miles). To help people reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact, Sweden’s largest energy company Vattenfall decided to promote electric bikes as an alternative to cars. Strategy: Since distance and time of transportation are key factors when looking for a new home, we teamed up with Sweden’s largest real estate website – Hemnet. Idea: We created a banner that showed up next to real-estate-ads. In real time the banner let you know how quickly you could go to the city center from that specific house using an electric bike. We even showed you the best path for bicycling. Proving that the electric bike is an alternative to cars.