Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company JSC INSTINCT Moscow, RUSSIA
Advertising Agency JSC INSTINCT Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Alexey Meshkov Instinct Creative Director
Nikolay Fabrika Instinct Digital Creative Director
Dmitry Moiseev Instinct Copywriter
Ksenia Dengina Instinct Copywriter
Timur Abdusheev Instinct Art Director
Petr Frolikov Instinct Art Director
Maxim Demkin Instinct Senior Creative Designer
Elena Tochilkina Instinct Senior Account Manager
Ksenia Perminova Instinct Account Manager
Victoria Sogrina Instinct Junior Account Manager
Aleksandra Napalkova Instinct Senior Digital Manager
Anna Gavrishina Instinct Senior Digital Manager
Tatyana Savina Instinct Digital/Social Media Strategic
Anna Chaplygina Instinct Digital Producer

Creative Execution

We looked for #playrussian content and created a digital hub USEFUL: The current link: that we put in the URL link is just our test version of the site (placed on the server of our production company), the content is not final. We couldn't open the campaign link The project is closed and it's really difficult to open it even for a short period because the site was supervised by Global NIKE Team and they had strong terms & conditions. We are ready to send the official letter with a signature and stamp from NIKE Client to approve that the campaign was real.

We inspired to Play Russian in social. Playrussian events took place in Moscow: Winter running, Winter football, Winter everything Even that Nike is not a sponsor of Olympics it became the most discussed sports brand this winter

Nike is not a winter brand in Russia. Before the Sochi Olympics when Russia is in focus we asked Russians to show the world what it means to play Russian. Because we Russians are not normal: the lower the higher