Winners & Shortlists


Category C01. WEBSITE
Production Company BLISS INTERACTIVE & MOBILE Ho Chu Mingh City, VIETNAM
Name Company Position
Karen Corrigan Happiness Brussels Creative Management/Strategic Director
Philippe Fass Happiness Brussels Creative Management/Creative Director
Niek Eijsbouts Happiness Brussels Creative Management/Creative Director
Arnaud Bailly Happiness Brussels Concept Provider
Bill Bilquin Happiness Brussels Copywriter Fr
Jan Denys Happiness Brussels Copywriter Nl
Pascal Kemajou Happiness Brussels Group Account Director
Mehdi Sel Happiness Brussels Account Director
David Willems Toyota Belgium Marketing Director
Thierry Ballas Toyota Belgium Marketing Communication Manager
Cynthia Van Laethem Toyota Belgium Advertising Manager
Lise Dillens Toyota Belgium Marketing Specialist
Emilie Wauthelet Happiness Brussels Graphic Design
Arnaud Bailly Happiness Brussels Art Direction
Sophie Gunsbourg Happiness Brussels Agency Producer
Bart Vande Maele Happiness Brussels Production Coordinator
Jean/Paul Frenay Bang Bang Club Director
Nicolas Vandooren Sonic Music Sound Design
Thomas Colliers Bliss Interactive/Mobile Web Development

Creative Execution

When exploring the Hilux on the Toyota website, instead of seeing it on a plain background, visitors see it in a situation of danger: Red supporters attacking the Purple car. While the scenes of destruction are happening, visitors can explore the car in three different ways: 1) See the car (and what's happening to it) from all angles - 360° 2) Get closer on specific features and get more info about these features 3) Jump from one scene to the other to see a demonstration of the features resisting to attempts of harming them Visitors can request a testdrive anytime.

Website made national news an hour after the launch. 10000 visitors in only 2days. Average time spent is 3min45sec. Higher than ever before, and obviously higher than any other interactive showroom.

FOR THE INDESTRUCTIBLE HILUX, TOYOTA REINVENTS THE ONLINE SHOWROOM BY SETTING IT UP 'LIVE' AT THE HEART OF A FOOTBALL RIVALRY. Toyota Hilux is the most indestructible utility vehicle on earth. Entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of time when they look for a new car. Usually they first have a look on internet and compare different brands. Unfortunately, online showrooms are all the same. Factual and dry: a car you can turn around in front of a boring plain background. So, by placing a Purple football supporter's Hilux in front of a Red supporters' bar (football's arch rivals in Belgium), we reinvented the interactive showroom and gave it an added layer of entertainment as well as emphasising on the car's features that despite all the effort in the world... couldn't be destroyed.