Winners & Shortlists


Category C02. MICROSITE
Entrant Company BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency BUZZMAN Paris, FRANCE
Media Agency LABELIUM Paris, FRANCE
Production Company ICONOCLAST Paris, FRANCE
Production Company 2 WE ARE ANONYMOUS Paris, FRANCE
Production Company 3 WE ARE FROM L.A. Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Georges Mohammed Chérif BUZZMAN Ceo/Creative Director
Thomas Granger BUZZMAN Vice President
Julien Levilain BUZZMAN Associate Director
Santiago Cosme BUZZMAN Artistic Director
Miguel Durão BUZZMAN Copywriter
Olivier Lopez BUZZMAN Account Manager
Loïc Coelho BUZZMAN Account Executive
Julien Scaglione BUZZMAN Head Of Social Media
Joeffrey Arruyer BUZZMAN Social Media Consultant
Cyril Paglino And Clara Bascoul Gauthier BUZZMAN Communication/Pr Manager
Laurent Marcus BUZZMAN Head Of Digital Production
Lara Jane Lelièvre BUZZMAN Digital Producer
Vanessa Barbel BUZZMAN Head Of Tv/Print Production
Elodie Poupeau BUZZMAN Tv/Print Producer
Adrien Armanet Iconoclast Director
Vanessa Chabrel Bic/Tipp/Ex Marketing/Digital Director
Nathalie Hoffherr Bic/Tipp/Ex Marketing Manager Europe
Maria Martini Bic/Tipp/Ex Senior Product Manager Correction And Marketing Europe
Iris Chatelier Bic/Tipp/Ex Assistant Product Manager

Creative Execution

As solution, we decided to make a brand new web campaign, but this time, not on youtube. That’s why we invented the first participatory book instantly translated into 5 languages, with the special guest Pharrell Williams. Our aim was to reach the popularity that we obtain with the first and the second Tipp-ex episodes.

Our followers loved the first two Tipp-Ex campaign and what they really loved was the originality of our advertising and the possibility to interact and be an active protagonist for the creation of contents. We knew that this two points, interaction and originality, were the key of our success and we had to use it, but this time in a different way. Results 120 131 visits on the website 744 976 views in the video + 13K shares on social network + 276 apparitions in media 155 countries reached +144,8 M of people potentially reached 1,88 M of earned media

The objectives that we and BIC wanted to reach was to obtain the same popularity that Tippex obtained with the two youtube episodes: “a hunter shoots a bear” and “the hunter and the bear birthday party”. Our target was young people from 18 to 25, online and interested in technology. With our first advertising the user had, for the first time, the power to decide by just adding some words on the title of the video. We collected millions of views on our advertising because the user fell himself active in the creative process. But making another video with a different story wasn’t what we wanted. We wanted to let people participate to writing the story, and we wanted make it with something never seen before on the internet, as we always do. That’s why we made the first participatory book instantly translated into 5 languages.