Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company CHEIL GERMANY Schwalbach, GERMANY
Advertising Agency CHEIL GERMANY Schwalbach, GERMANY
Production Company DAS WERK Frankfurt, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Thomas Schröder Cheil Germany Gmbh Creative Director
Roland Rudolf Cheil Germany Gmbh Chief Creative Officer
Edyta Kotowicz Cheil Germany Gmbh Senior Copywriter
Annika D'ambrogio Cheil Germany Gmbh Copywriter
Miriam Preissinger Cheil Germany Gmbh Art Director
Mateus Vilela Cheil Germany Gmbh Art Director
Sung Chan Ra Cheil Germany Gmbh Regional Head
Volker Selle Cheil Germany Gmbh Chief Executive Officer
Lukas Jurik Freelance Illustrator
Samater Liban Cheil Germany Gmbh Director Campaigning
Kai Hartung Cheil Germany Gmbh Production/Artbuying
Jacob De Bock Cheil Germany Gmbh Junior Planner
Anne Caren Zeiß Freelance Audiobook Narrator
Daril Kim Cheil Poland Chief Executive Officer
Marcin Talarek Cheil Poland Innovation Director
Maciej Jarosz Cheil Poland Art Director
Tomasz Luczynski Cheil Poland Senior Application Designer
Adam Kudybinski Cheil Poland Digital Studio Manager
Renato Novakovic Freelance Director
Manuel Wenger Freelance Director

The Campaign

As the world’s leading tech brand, Samsung easily develops its communication with men. This leaves out a huge market: women. Therefore, Samsung uses its opportunity to create and strengthen relations with its female customers. Our PR objective was to engage women in a discussion about a relevant problem and demonstrate how Samsung’s technology meets their needs. Every 18 minutes, a child is hurt in a car accident. 58% of all fathers confess they exceed speed limits even with their family on board. Mothers know this, but are unable to change their partners' driving behavior. How can we enable women to make fathers drive responsibly? We created a mobile app, which helps women in their need to keep their families safe – by letting the children speak up: SlowDownDad consists of an audiobook library and a player connected to GPS and OpenStreetMap. When the car exceeds the speed limit, the audio is played in fast forward. The child can’t follow the story and alerts the driver. The complaint from the child carries a strong emotional force and appeals directly to the father's sense of responsibility. No father who loves his child can ignore this warning. When the driver slows down to the allowed speed, the audiobook rewinds and is played at normal speed. The app was launched with an integrated online campaign. German mothers received Samsung’s idea with enthusiasm. But what is more important, we made countless families reach their destination safely.

The Brief

Samsung created a service to help women protect their families. For the first time, women do not have to argue with the fathers to win, but can easily solve the problem with a smart tech tool. Our goal was to involve mothers in a discussion about the problem while showing how Samsung cares about their concerns and makes the streets safer for their families.


SlowDownDad campaign reached more than 14.8 million people. Almost 620,000 women discussed the problem and shared our solution on blogs, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. In the first week of the campaign, more than 350,000 unique visitors were at the campaign microsite. More than 50,000 people viewed the online teaser in the first week. Since the first 4 days, approximately 11,000 parents downloaded SlowDownDad at the Samsung App Store. 3,572 families actively used it during the first week and reached their destination safely.


To draw attention to our app, we used the teaser video and reminded mothers about a typical situation they surely have experienced themselves during family trips: feeling bad when their partners exceeded the speed limit. We showed how the SlowDownDad app helps women protect their families on road trips by letting the children speak up. When the story in the player speeds up and the child can no longer follow it, they will complain directly to their father. This carries a very strong emotional force and appeals directly to the father's sense of responsibility – because every father wants to be a good role model for his child. The video was posted on YouTube, the Samsung Facebook page and various women’s blogs. The integrated online campaign in relevant media strengthens the communication about speeding and highlights our solution: the SlowDownDad app.

The Situation

Women already understand that speeding is dangerous, and they fear for their families when men drive too fast. Unfortunately, their partners are often tired of their complaining and usually don’t listen to them. Most men naturally like to speed and, so far, no public awareness campaigns have succeeded in changing their reckless driving behavior.

The Strategy

At first, we decided to draw the attention of the women to the problem of speeding. Women already knew how dangerous reckless driving can be, but by revealing the shocking statistics in the online campaign, we really touched on the concerns of all mothers and involved them actively in a discussion. In this way, we made women very interested in using our app. The next step was to present Samsung’s solution to women via media relevant to them.