Winners & Shortlists


Name Company Position
Johan Molin Falu Rödfärg Managing Director
Axel Wennhall Rippler Communications Executive Creative Director
Lina Ekros Rippler Communications Account Executive
Mikael Ehrlington Rippler Communications Planner
Andrea Dahlenius Rippler Communications Project Manager
Mathias Öhlander Lundberg@co Art Director
Karolina Israelsson Rippler Communications Social Media Executive
Madelene Rydman Rippler Communications Pr Executive
Therese Modin Rippler Communications Media Specialist
Johanna Näsholm Rippler Communications Media Specialist
Gustav Nord Flip/Flop Interactive Film Producer
Nina Wahlberg Flip/Flop Interactive Film Co/Ordinator
Mats Rigglöv Extrude Web Designer
Emil Forsbom Extrude Web Designer
Dennis Söderström Extrude Web Designer
Tomas Andersson Lundberg@co Account Supervisor
Tom Karlsson Flip/Flop Interactive Film Editor

The Campaign

In 2014, Falu Rödfärg, the original producer of the paint that coloured the famous swedish red cottage celebrates it’s 250-year anniversary. But how can a local anniversary make global headlines and take the brand 250 years into the future? In 2003, Swedish artist Mikael Genberg started his most daring project together with Swedens space elite – to put a red house on the moon. To make this happen - he turned to politicians and business leaders for help. However, by 2008 the world economy, and with it the project, hit a brick wall. Now in 2014 – the digital revolution has opened up new ways to spread and fund projects. Yet space remains only available to billionaires and states. So why not utilize this change to democratize space through The Moonhouse? Inspired by these new opportunities, Falu Rödfärg created a global crowdfunding campaign to revive The Moonhouse. The preparations were out of this world – from signing a contract with Astrobotics moon lander, to building a crowdfunding platform. The strategy was to use this platform as a hub for curated content. The campaign then launched at a press conference held in UNESCO world heritage Falu Mine. From that day – the Moonhouse became global news and engaged people all over the world. The Result? Reach: 900 million people Generated media value: €33 million ROI: 2000% Thats more than company has ever had during its 250 years, making the campaign a new milestone in the 250 year history of Falu Rödfärg.

The Brief

Falu Rödfärg's main goal was to create a campaign that would take the brand into the future. Last years commercial spot reached 4 million people in Sweden. The goal was to beat that number. But we saw a greater potential. Our qualitative goals were to create a campaign that went from local to global and from channel dependent to channel independent communication in a way that could engage and connect globally. The quantitative goals were: - 100 million in global reach - Media value of 10 000 000 Euros - 100 x ROI of a budget of 160 000 Euros


OUTPUT/AWARENESS Article counts/placements: over 150 articles and featured in Yahoo News, HuffingtonPost, The Guardian,, The Telegraph, The Boston Globe, Gizmodo, The ShanDong Weekly, The Hindu, CnBeta, Cnet, Big Think, Dagens Nyheter, Brasil Post, NBC, Inquisitr etc. Reach: 900 million - compared to the goal of 100 million Media Value: 33 million EUR - compared to the goal of 16 million EUR ROI: 2000% - on a total budget of 160 000 EUR (including 5 000 EUR for paid media) KNOWLEDGE/CONSIDERATION 95% of the articles used pictures from the press-kit 60% of the articles had the 6 minute video embedded The 40 minute press conference was live broadcasted by Aftonbladet TV (Swedens largest web-TV station), TV4 (Swedens biggest TV-channel) and ACTION/BUSINESS IMPACT Site traffic ( 50 000 Time on site ( 2:09 minutes Facebook followers: 2 000 Instagram followers: 800


1. THE PROJECT We revived the project by gathering the key participants. We then signed a contract with the US Space Technology company Astrobotics to bring the house to the Moon, and built our own crowdfunding platform. 2. THE CONTENT We used the platform as a hub for curated content and reinvented the story about the first art project on the Moon focusing on key elements such as visuals, films, press releases, Oculus VR, Instagram-competitions, ambassadors and a Kickstarter project. All the communicative activities were executed according to a detailed plan to last throughout the campaign period (6 months). 3. THE COMMUNICATION In order to hype the launch, we leaked information to key target media. We set up a detailed launch plan to include a live press conference which made global headlines. All activities during the campaign were communicated through the hub and spread through social media channels and press.

The Situation

In 2014 Falu Rödfärg celebrates their 250-year anniversary. Since 1764 Swedes have painted their houses with the red paint that today is part of the Swedish cultural heritage. The paint is one of a kind and uses raw material from the UNESCO world heritage Falu Mine. The event is a big milestone for the company and the local community. But how can this anniversary apart from being a regional happening, engage people around the world? And even more importantly how can the anniversary and the brands history be used to take the brand another 250 years into the future.

The Strategy

To move the anniversary from a local happening to something bigger, the strategy was to find a context that could integrate with Falu Rödfärgs anniversary yet still bear relevance to people around the world. In the planning process we found Swedish artist Mikael Genberg - best known for his art-installtions with the red house with white corners as centerpiece. In 2008 due to the financial crisis he put his most daring project on hold, the vision of a red house on the moon. By integrating Falu Rödfärgs anniversary with Genbergs project we created the concept, from the mine to the Moon. The digital revolution has since 2008 created new ways to fund projects. Instead of reaching out to business leaders and politicians, we created a campaign everyone can access through crowdfunding, thereby enabling people to engage and become part of the first art project on the Moon – The Moonhouse.