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Entrant Company WE ARE SOCIAL Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency WE ARE SOCIAL Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Sandrine Plasseraud We Are Social Managing Director
Guillaume Lalu We Are Social Deputy Managing Director
Clément Chapillon We Are Social Group Account Director
Stéphane Maguet We Are Social Head Of Creative Technology
Pauline Merlin We Are Social Senior Account Manager
Thibaut Sebire We Are Social Account Manager
Romain Payan We Are Social Art Director

The Campaign

Since its launch in 1993, the Renault Twingo has been the quirkiest car around, with a focus on its curves and colourful features. Twingo fans and the automotive press were eagerly awaiting the launch of the 3rd generation Twingo, due to be revealed in March 2014 at the Geneva Motorshow. Car launches can be boring but New Twingo is not a boring car, Renault therefore briefed us to come up with an innovative pre-reveal event that would surprise the automotive journalists ahead of the Motorshow and reveal New Twingo in a way that would reflect its personality: quirky, colourful and kinky. Our main target was therefore the automotive press but of course, our PR campaign should enable Renault to engage with the general public. For several months before the launch, New Renault Twingo was subject to a lot of speculation from the automotive press who had already been sharing many spy shots of the car covered in camouflage stickers car and was eager to see more of the design beneath. We therefore offered journalists and the wider public the opportunity to literally strip off these camouflage stickers in the world’s first “strip tweet”, revealing the New Twingo in real time. The live show was streamed on and featured the car and a digital wall displaying the tweets related to the campaign. The journalists and the public were encouraged to tweet using #UndressNewTwingo to take part in this collaborative live reveal. Every 100 tweets, a snippet of camouflage was removed.

The Brief

The campaign aimed at unveiling the car to the world in disruptive way. The targets were automotive journalists, who highly influence car buyers and potential car buyers. Ultimately, Renault wanted catch the attention of automotive journalists, who are used to traditional & boring car launches and we therefore decided to supply them with exclusive & entertaining content for their readers. As part of our research, we identified thousands of conversations around the spy shots of the New Renault Twingo and a real interest from the press and the general public to find out the design beneath the camouflage.


Even the critics were impressed: the campaign generated 230 extremely positive pieces of coverage – articles and blog posts in the automotive and marketing magazine, highlighting the car’s design and the innovative nature of the campaign; many of the online automotive magazines online even embedded the video player to encourage their readers to watch the show. The campaign spread, amongst others, on Autoplus (France), Autoblog (Spain, Italy), Bild (Germany)… Stratégies magazine (France) hailed the campaign as a success, mentioning that this campaign, imagined and created by a social media agency illustrated the increasing blur between the PR and social media disciplines. The campaign generated 3.8 million impressions on Twitter and over 100,000 people visited the website and watched the strip tweet. There were over 4,500 tweets sent with the hashtag #UndressNewTwingo, including 3000 in one hour and half. In less than 2 hours, the hashtag was trending organically in France.


Once the idea approved, we designed and developed the visual environment of the live event and the website where people could follow the reveal in real time. We worked on the technical aspects of the event: tweet wall implementation and motion, video production, live-streaming system and webcast on the dedicated website. We identified ten key outlets to outreach to and send them a press release two days before the date of the reveal that took place on the 14th February, an easy date to remember. On the day of the campaign, we teased the community via Renault’s own social media channels locally relaying the campaign (Twitter, Facebook) encouraging people to tune in at 5pm for the Strip-Tweet. Once the event started, every 100 tweets sent, professional dancers removed a snippet of the camouflage to reveal the car progressively until New Twingo had been fully undressed.

The Situation

Early 2014, both Twingo fans and the automotive press were eagerly awaiting the launch of the 3rd generation Twingo. So, in keeping with the Twingo brand, we decided to reveal the car’s new look to the whole world in an original way. Ahead of the launch, New Renault Twingo was subject to a lot speculation from the automotive press and the general public. Everyone wanted to know what the car was going to look like: many widely publicised spy shots of the car covered in camouflage stickers had been circulated online giving a taster of the car’s shape.

The Strategy

A couple of days before the event, we outreached to 10 key automotive media outlets in Europe to offer them an exclusive countdown they could embed on their website to let their readers know they could take part in the reveal of New Twingo. This enabled the media outlets to offer an exciting and creative content to their readers, therefore generating the reader’s curiosity for the new vehicle that had already generated many conversations ahead of the launch. The media outlets got involved by publishing articles about this upcoming event and asking their readers to take part in this collaborative reveal by sending tweets with the hashtag #UndressNewTwingo to reveal the car design to the world. By targeting these media outlets, we triggered a larger range of media websites that relayed the news, spreading the conversations amongst a wider public audience through blogs and social platforms.