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Silver Eurobest

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Presentation Board

Entrant Company LEO BURNETT Milan, ITALY
Advertising Agency LEO BURNETT Milan, ITALY
Production Company MAGNOLIA Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Mark Tutssel LEO BURNETT CO. CHICAGO USA Global Chief Creative Director
Francesco Bozza/Alessandro Antonini LEO BURNETT CO. MILAN ITALY Executive Creative Director
Christopher Jones/Anna Meneguzzo/Cristiano Tonnarelli LEO BURNETT CO. MILAN ITALY Creative Directors
Paolo Boccardi LEO BURNETT CO. MILAN ITALY Digital Creative Director
Alice Jasmine Crippa LEO BURNETT CO. MILAN ITALY Copywriter
Gianluca Ignazzi/Alessia Casini LEO BURNETT CO. MILAN ITALY Art Directors
Joseph Menda/Cristina Bissanti/Felipe Iglesias/Gaia Barison/Alberto Lot/Lia Paga LEO BURNETT CO. MILAN ITALY Creative Team
Ornella Vittorioso LEO BURNETT CO. MILAN ITALY Planner
Andrea Castiglioni/Francesco Loprete LEO BURNETT CO. MILAN ITALY Project Managers
Riccardo Biancorosso/Gaia Fusaro LEO BURNETT CO. MILAN ITALY Producers
Alberto Maderna LEO BURNETT CO. MILAN ITALY Mock/Up Artist
Maria Teresa Genovese LEO BURNETT CO. MILAN ITALY Pr Coordinator
Niccolò Arletti LEO BURNETT CO. MILAN ITALY Managing Director
Elena Korzhenevich LEO BURNETT CO. MILAN ITALY Brand Leader
Luca Ruspini/Davide Nava LEO BURNETT CO. MILAN ITALY Account Supervisors
Federica Giacomotti LEO BURNETT CO. MILAN ITALY Account Manager
Gianluca Mori LEO BURNETT CO. MILAN ITALY Technical Director
Michele Rho Film Director

The Campaign

Samsung is a leading technology brand whose marketing approach has always focused on launching products and features. This has created a lack of communication on its higher “human” mission. Our main objective was to making it more approachable, leveraging on Samsung’s core values: a brand that designs its technological products to “launch people”, to amplify their life’s possibilities. We looked at the current situation in Italy: the disappearance of great handcrafting excellences that once brought Italy to greatness. On the other side, a dramatic unemployment and younger generations yearning for opportunities to express their potential. Our first challenge was to make young people look at handcrafting with new eyes, overcoming the wrong perception of a “dusty world”, with no attractiveness. For these reasons, we needed the greatest “Made in Italy” legends, the true “icons” of success able to motivate young people and to testify how great can be working in ancient crafts, even in 2014 and especially in the next future. We choose 5 highly aspirational crafts and the most famed Maestros, creating the first digital platform where young talents can learn the secrets of “Made in Italy” masters, through technology. Two generations, sharing knowledge thanks to more than 40 video-tutorials, live interactive-lessons and the exclusive features of Samsung devices. As a result, more than 30 million media-impressions and 4.5 million FB-users reached, on Italian market alone. Many success stories that became a 12 episodes series on Discovery-Italia channels, reaching over 6 million TV-viewers and motivating even more young talents.

The Brief

The target of Samsung Maestros Academy are young digital-skilled individuals who are looking for a successful life based on their talent. We researched across data by Italian Institute of Statistics, to discover which artisanal fields where looking for young talents and which professions were requested by the young audience. Surprisingly, we discovered that many “dream” professions were very close to handcrafting sectors dramatically looking for apprentices. Our main goal was to pass the heritage of the greatest Italian handcrafting master to young generations, overcoming their negative perception by offering an innovative way to learn handcrafting thanks to technology.


Maestros’ success stories, reached over 6 million TV-viewers, in Italy alone, inspiring a generation to preserve and innovate Italian heritage, enhancing the reputation of Samsung brand and products. After Maestro Pelizzoli’s course, Alice created an innovative bike, showcased during the Milan Design Week event and featured on most influential blogs and tech-zines. Marina together with Maestro Siniscalchi tailored a shirt, triggering the curiosity of GQ and its 250.000 readers. The results achieved by many other students generated over 30 million media-impressions, reaching 3 million Twitter-users, on Italian market alone. Almost the 50% of live-lessons participants asked the Maestros to become apprentices, exceeding the available positions by 300% on average and generating hiring opportunities for other artisans. Our Maestros were invited by many Italian universities to lecture, such as Bocconi, Cattolica, IED and NY Fashion Institute of Technology. Maestros has also become an offline one-year master-course at IED-Milan, offering 12 full-scholarships.


We selected the most famed world-class artisans all across Italy, asking them to share even the tiniest secret of their craft through 40 extensive video-tutorials. We completed them with exclusive smart training resources, innovating the traditional working and learning routine. We organized live interactive lessons where each maestro taught in real-time to many young talents all across Italy. Many students started then to interact intensively with the Maestro, developing personal ideas and generating great success stories. We followed our 12 best students, turning them into a 12 episodes series on Discovery Italia Channels. We helped the 3 best ideas to be showcased in prestigious occasions where journalists and opinion leaders could notice them. The production phase started in the 7th October and is on-going still now, with 10 new Maestros and Ambassadors. The first on-air on the platform was on 10th December and the first digital campaign started on 3rd February.

The Situation

Italy is living a huge paradox: despite the unemployment crisis, thousands of positions in handcrafting remain vacant. Young Italians are not fascinated by ancient crafts anymore, focusing their interest on technology. That’s how the tradition of “Made in Italy” started to quickly fade away. Young Italians would need instead to experience handcrafting though their native language –technology-, looking at it with new eyes. That’s why we chose true “legends” of Made in Italy as Maestros, in order to engage young Italians with aspirational characters, true “rock-stars” in their field of excellence who experienced huge success and highly rewarding lives.

The Strategy

The core strategy was to reconnect two generations, preserving the future of “Made in Italy” and fostering a new generation of Italian artisans. We developed the first digital platform where young talents can learn the secrets of “Made in Italy” masters, through their native language: technology. We called them to join the project, the most famed world-class Italian artisans, selecting the most engaging crafts for a young audience. We choose handcrafting traditions with strong connections with highly aspirational professions (fashion stylist, sport champion, luxury-goods designer, actor/artist, chef) in order to prove that there is another “path” to become a world-renewed excellence. Every handcrafting secret was express through the most engaging and innovative technology, making it available from every possible smart-device, anytime, everywhere, and featuring it even on digital-billboards in the major Italian squares. Ancient crafts mixed up with the most advanced technology, engaging young generations to the max.