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Entrant Company Y&R LISBON, PORTUGAL
Advertising Agency Y&R LISBON, PORTUGAL
Name Company Position
Pedro Ferreira Y&R Lisbon Creative Director
Judite Mota Y&R Lisbon Creative Director

The Campaign

On January 5th 2014, Eusébio da Silva Ferreira, Benfica's legendary player and renowned national figure passed away. He was one of the most respected soccer players in the world and rivaled Pelé and Maradona as one of the greatest players of all time. It was an emotional week for every soccer enthusiast and especially for Benfica fans. The next Benfica game was a home match with long-time rival FC Porto and the club wanted to remember Eusébio in the greatest way possible. Something that would bring together every fan of the game. That was the challenge they presented to us.

The Brief

The goal was to honor Eusébio in a meaningful way, that could draw together the fans of all teams, and even people that don't care about soccer at all. The Benfica-Porto match, being the first after his death, was highly attended and drew in many viewers. It was the perfect place to remember Eusébio.


The first good result was the final score: Benfica won 2-0. The tribute was highly covered in broadcast media and praised in social networks. People all over the world got to know Benfica for the first time, as a brand and an institution. The jerseys were later auctioned for the benefit of a charity organisation.


When Benfica entered the field, all players wore the name of Eusébio on the back of their jerseys. 11 Eusébios lined up for the team during the 94 minutes of the match. It was an emotional match for the fans at the stadium and at home.

The Situation

Widely considered as one of the best players of all time, Eusébio was the greatest symbol of Benfica since the 60's. His sudden death in January 5 was met with an outpouring of emotion in the club and the country. The fact that the next game was going to be with Porto was problematic for Benfica. Both clubs have a huge rivalry and the organization was worried of how the fans at the stadium would react to any show of support for Eusébio passing.

The Strategy

We wanted to give Eusébio one last match, one that would go down in the history books. Eusébio was not only the greatest player that Benfica ever had, he was also the soul of Benfica. So we decided to show that soul on the playing field, by having every player of Benfica wear Eusébio's name instead of their own.