Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company HUNGRY BOYS Moscow, RUSSIA
Advertising Agency HUNGRY BOYS Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Vlad Sitnikov Hungry Boys Creative Director
Arthur Miroshnichenko Hungry Boys Copywriter
Alexandr Katin Hungry Boys Agency Producer
Max Malakhov Hungry Boys Cameraman
Katya Semenova Hungry Boys Illustrator

The Campaign

We have organized the first drone-vertising campaign in Russia specially for Wokker Asian restaurant chain. Several unmanned combat air vehicles launched in the air with company banners could not go unnoticed. Drones have not been used for such purposes in our country so far, so it is obvious that we have introduced a new trend on Russian advertising market.

The Brief

To draw potential customers' attention and raise the number of orders from a number of local business centers.


The number of orders at Wokker restaurants close to the business centers has risen up to 40 per cent.


Posters advertising the latest deals for the company’s rice and noodle dishes were flown high up in the streets of Moscow’s financial district, hovering outside the windows of busy offices. The campaign specifically targeted lunchtime, when, it claims, many people forget to stop for food when they are working. The concept is simple: brand + drone + sky = dronevertising. By using just five drones, Wokker capitalised on the time when workers are most thinking about lunch to direct their thoughts towards the ready-to-go Chinese food just a few metres away.

The Situation

Any office staff member has a lot of work during weekdays. Sometimes workers are so busy with their tasks, that they forget about the lunch break. Posters flying behind the window are a great way to remind them of it. Why not have some tasty Chinese noodles or delicious and nutritious rice? Till work completely chews you up, immediately call Wokker!

The Strategy

Ordinary advertising channels are already congested. That's why we came up with an unusual way to fascinate our target audience: we raised advertisement up in the air. We attached Wokker banners to drones and launched them around high-rise business centers. Flying past office windows, they drew attention of hundreds of people.