Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company MOSAIC Moscow, RUSSIA
Advertising Agency MOSAIC Moscow, RUSSIA
Media Agency MAXUS GLOBAL Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Igor Piskunov MOSAIC Chief Executive Officer/Cco
Ivan Baram MOSAIC Account Director
Valentin Plotko MOSAIC Project Director
Mikhail Kuzminov Maxus Account Supervisor
Sergey Smyslov MOSAIC Client Service Director

The Campaign

With sanctions biting across Russia Sberbank, Russia’s largest national bank, had to find creative approach to promote its mortgage program. So, we created a service letting Sberbank mortgage customers borrow a cat for their housewarming party. Not virtual cats but real cats. The idea combined the power of the popular digital trend – cats – with well-known Russian tradition which dictates that to bless a new home a cat must go through the door before you. With nothing more than 10 cats, one-page microsite and promotional video the campaign generated hundreds of articles in publications around the world and huge social buzz.

The Brief

Main goal: to develop one-of-a-kind creative campaign for Sberbank mortgage program promotion


Output/Awareness: More than 1 mln views of YouTube video: Half a million visitors to the mortgage application website The campaign generated more than 580 articles in publications around the world


An original service was launched – “Service of Cats Delivery for Housewarming Party” for Sberbank ‘s clients Thanks to this unusual service any client of Sberbank who receives a mortgage loan, can choose and order a cat who first enters a new apartment and brings happiness to its owners. Simultaneously with the service a video was launched online The campaign went beyond digital - cars with logos “Service of Cats Delivery for Housewarming Party” appeared on Moscow roads.

The Situation

With sanctions biting across Russia, and the embargo on imported food leaving the shelves empty for the first time since the old days, the nations mood was dark. A lack of confidence in the economy also meant that house buying dried up. Sberbank, Russia’s largest mortgage provider, had to find creative approach to promote its mortgage program.

The Strategy

Sberbank has demonstrated a new approach to mortgage loans promotions by running a trailblazing (innovative) integrated digital campaign. The Bank decided to recall the time-honored tradition: a cat should be the first to enter a new house, for a happy life of the flat owners in this new place. To announce the project before launching “Service of Cats Delivery for Housewarming Party” a test appeared on the network “What kind of cat are you?”, results of which filled news feeds of all social networks and increased viral coverage of the project. Original creative concept and integrated approach made it possible for Sberbank to create a memorable project where the number one concern is care about clients’ happiness.