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Entrant Company JUNG RELATIONS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Jonas Sevenius Jung Relations Client Director
Mårten Strassburg Jung Relations Project Manager
Marita Kuntonen Jung Relations Creative
Jacob Von Corswant Jung Relations Creative
Carl Jansson Jung Relations Pr Advisor

The Campaign

To introduce its new concept car to a design-savvy target group, Volvo disqualified its official channels and let a small but credible fashion brand reveal the car. With a design collaboration and a quirky photo puzzle, media and consumers were invited to reveal the car. Volvo could just sit back, relax and watch their story go viral.

The Brief

With the launch the Volvo Concept Estate, the goal was to make people curious and generate a global conversation about Volvo’s new design direction, manifested by the Volvo Concept Estate. • We wanted to reach luxury consumers who traditionally do not have Volvo on their radar • We wanted to vonnect Volvo with Scandinavian design and luxury • Benchmarking with previous launched, we aimed for a 500 million reach in earned media, including publicity in 50% of our tier one lifestyle media • We wanted to reach 200 000 YouTube views


The results were immediate and this launch shows how you can use non-official channels to reach new target groups, create curiosity and generate reach and positive dialogue beyond all expectations. Most importantly, this campaign made people talk abot Volvo in a whole new way. The results included: • 800+ articles before Volvo said a word • More than 60% of tier one media covered the car, proving we reached Volvo’s new target audience • People talked about Volvo in a whole new way, with close to 100% positive sentiment • Total no of impression: 1 billion+ • More than 1 million views on YouTube without any paid seeding


We sidestepped Volvo’s official chnnels and engaged Stutterheim, a small but über-trendy raincoat designer, in a socially driven teaser launch. Stutterheim crafted a hand-made custom car cover for the Concept Estate. In a fashion shoot, we created a range of photos and by lifting the cover, we let each photo reveal a small part of the luxury Volvo. Together the photos shaped a puzzle. Photos were posted in Stutterheims web shop social channels, immediately generating a massive buzz in design and lifestyle media as well as social media. Within hours one outlet had laid the puzzle in Photoshop and their image, revealing some 50% of the car got viral and reached automotive media and general news media, and suddenly people around the world were talking about Volvo’s new design, without any official communication yet coming from the company. Once Volvo launched the car officially, the success was already a fact.

The Situation

Volvo is undergoing a brand transformation, most prominently manifested by a bold new design strategy. The vanilla days over, and the boxy Volvo of the past is replaced by a modern expression of Scandinavian luxury. The problem is that luxury car buyers aren’t emotionally engaged by Volvo and don’t listen when Volvo speaks. With the new concept car Volvo Concept Estate, we wanted to reach Volvo’s new target group, engage them in the launch, and change the way people think and speak about Volvo.

The Strategy

Reaching petrol heads is no problem, but we knew we wouldn’t engage Volvo’s new target group by using Volvo’s official channels. They don’t follow Volvo and just don’t listen when Volvo speaks. Instead, we let a small but credible fashion brand reveal Volvo’s new design. With this strategy, Volvo would just sit back, and watch others do the talking.