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Product/ServiceMOBILE APP
Name Company Position
Iurii Gladkyi GRAPE UKRAINE Ceo
Oksana Bogdanova GRAPE UKRAINE Account Director
Oleksii Morozov GRAPE UKRAINE Creative Director
Stepan Barkholenko GRAPE UKRAINE Creator
Ilya Gladko GRAPE UKRAINE Designer/Creator
Yuriy Khomovskyy GRAPE UKRAINE Motion Designer
Arkadiy Pasechnik GRAPE UKRAINE Video Art Director
Elena Salivon GRAPE UKRAINE Production Director
Daniel Malukha GRAPE UKRAINE Social Media Planner
Oleksandra Alokhina GRAPE UKRAINE Copywriter
Vladimir Boyko GRAPE UKRAINE Developer
Igor Dorogokuplia GRAPE UKRAINE Developer
Dmytro Ivanov GRAPE UKRAINE Developer
Maksim Morokko GRAPE UKRAINE Developer
Yvgen Troshchiy GRAPE UKRAINE Developer

The Campaign

Events that have been taking place in Ukraine from December 2013 have touched every family. Millions of Ukrainians had to rely on their own strength and knowledge. The information demand for the first aid competence exceeded the supply. First aid courses were opened in the central cities, but it was not enough. People had been waiting for weeks to get on these courses. And Kyivstar as the national operator number 1 in the Ukrainian market decided to create a special mobile app. This application in an accessible form would contain all the information about providing first aid until doctors arrive. For this purpose we made researches of the current level of Ukrainians first aid competence and marked out the most important points of this content. So here are these points: video and audio lessons, button for call an ambulance, the detection of the current geolocation, location of the nearest medical facilities and a list of medicines and apothecary. After the start of the application test version it was tested with the target audience. This audience was people who signed up for first aid courses. Then for the more lighting in specialized publications the application was formally presented on The Digital Event IForum 2014. After that the application was translated into Russian and English and adapted for pads.

The Brief

We made research of problem of the lack of Ukrainian first aid mobile sources. Also we made research of problem of the lack of first aid courses. People had been waiting for weeks to get on these courses. Therefore, the main goal was to satisfy the current demand and provide the vital first aid competence for Ukrainians.


#1 in the category «medical» in Ukrainian App Store # 19 among all mobile applications in Ukraine. More than 20 000 downloads since April 2014 - official data by App Store. Rating 4,6 in the Google Play Market.


We developed an application with all necessary information of providing first aid together with the specialists of The Boris clinic on Kyivstar behalf. The application contained video tutorials about the first aid for all possible mechanical injuries. And the tutorials were divided into different themes and categories. Also this application could automatically read geolocation and show the map of the nearest medical facilities. What’s more this application gave the opportunity of the emergency call to ambulance. In addition the application made recommendations of the first aid basic kit. As a result we gave people the opportunity to learn how to act in different critical situations and their mobile phone became a textbook, an instructor, and first aid kit at the same time. The application promoting was carried out through the content support in social networks and through the promotional support of the application installations in the amount of 1,200 downloads.

The Situation

Events since December 2013 in Ukraine have touched every family. Confrontation with the government passed from moral to physical.To deal with the problem people rallied together, gathered the needy vital things and helped people. But the main problem was not the lack of things, but the lack of the first aid competence. Emergency first aid courses were set up at the hospitals. However, these courses could provide the first aid competence for a limited number of people simultaneously. This was not enough. A person could die every minute. And the lack of quality information became a serious problem for Ukraine.

The Strategy

The company was organized in several stages: • Researches of the current level of the first aid resource accessibility and the level of Ukrainians first aid competence • Researches of the current level of the first aid courses • Visiting the first aid courses • Cooperation with the Boris clinic for creating a mobile application • Making video, audio and content for lessons that teach how to provide first aid until doctors arrive