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Bronze Eurobest

Case Film

Presentation Board

Advertising Agency SVENSSON Stockholm, SWEDEN
PR Agency PRIME Stockholm, SWEDEN
Entrant Company PRIME Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Position
Sofia Myrevik/Key Account Manager/Prime
Julia Sebesteny/Creative/Copywriter/Prime
Viktor Waldås/Art Director/Prime
Alexandra Liljebladh/Production Manager/Vidory
Arvid Rydberg/Post/Production/Vidory
Tomas Carrfors Copywriter/Svensson
Filip Lindquist – Art Director/Svensson
Anna Lennström – Account Manager/Svensson
Ewa Staël Von Holstein – Production Manager/Svensson
Perry Gustafsson – Designer/Svensson
Jonas Sahlström – Final Art/Svensson
Henrik Gyllenskiöld – Director/Freelance
Max Thedeby – A/Photo/Freelance
Mats Ljungberg – B/Photo And Light/Freelance
Anders Dahl – Grip And Light/Freelance
Niklas Aldén – Sound Technician/Freelance
Victoria Fernandez – Costume/Freelance
Catherine Dichy – Hair And Make Up/Freelance

The Campaign

Is it right that the penalty for child sexual abuse is the same as for littering? ECPAT Sweden, an organisation who fights the child sex trade, says no. But how do you get people to speak of the unspeakable, and how do you make a voice for children heard in one of Sweden’s loudest elections? With the goal to through public opinion become part of the political agenda in the Swedish General Election, the penalty scale was the core of a campaign tailourmade for a digital activist era, using a digital hub, two short films and a memorable hashtag. The campaign was activated through ECPAT’s own channels and media contacts. The key PR-elements of the campaign were not only tailouring all assets for social media spread, but using public affairs-techniques to drive the campaign and strong PR-messaging throughout all campaign assets – from press releases to social media posts to the words in the digital films and the words of ECPAT representatives in debates. The Piece of Trash Punishment campaign is now said to be the most spread in Swedish history. The Minister of Justice made the issue a priority in the middle of the general election, and a main party used it in their campaigning. It’s time to put the current legislation where it belongs – in the trash.

The Brief

* Through public opinion, media coverage, and social media spread become part of the political agenda in the Swedish General Election. * Increase public awareness that child sex trade is present in Sweden and that a fee is a common penalty for this.


* The Minister of Justice made the issue an election priority, and a main party used it in their campaigning. * Anders Pettersson was invited to debate the issue in several leading media house broadcasts. * After one week all communication goals were reached and more than 500 000 people (Sweden’s population: 9,7 million) had seen the films. * Campaign most discussed in Swedish social media during three days. * Films topped the list of YouTubes most popular clips for several days. * Dan Edström, Head of Social Media, Expressen (one of Sweden’s largest dailies) says it’s probably the most shared campaign in Swedish history. Campaign goals: Goal Result (after one week) Unique visitors campaign site 20000 58 216 Campaign site shares 5000 23 763 Campaign film 1, views 5000 238 128 Campaign film 2, views 3000 126 631 Unique visitors 3000 (monthly) 18 668


* The digital campaign films encouraged the public to spread the films to show that they were ECPAT supporters and raise their voices against the current jurisdiction. * The films were published on the campaign website, and launched through ECPAT’s own channels: Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. * The campaign was further activated through media contacts. * The second film was release three days after the first film, to keep conversation going.

The Situation

ECPAT Sweden is an organisation fighting child sex crime. It is known in political circles, but has lower recognition in the public. For 2014, a strategic desicion was made to through communications affect decision makers and gain support from the public. Therefore, the Piece of Trash Penalty campaign was created (#sopigstraffskala in Swedish. Sopig = Trashy. Straffskala = Penalty scale).

The Strategy

* ECPAT has before communicated around the general problem regarding the child sex trade, but this time focus was on a specific question: that both littering and child sex abuse can lead to just a fine. * Choose as few but as strong as possible assets to create digital spread: two campaign films, one hashtag and one campaign site. * Activate new ambassador Joel Kinnaman and Noomi Rapace to reach a broader, younger, audience.