Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company HOUSE OF RADON Stockholm, SWEDEN
Advertising Agency HOUSE OF RADON Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Philip Marthinsen House Of Radon Client Director
David Dworsky House Of Radon Creative Director
Victor Köhler House Of Radon Creative Director
Albin Holmqvist House Of Radon Art Director
Samuel Sweetman House Of Radon Copywriter
Louise Ljungberg House Of Radon Pr/Social Media
Amanda Nordlöw House Of Radon Producer
Einar Bodström House Of Radon Producer
Anton Noren House Of Radon Colorist
Albin Wikander House Of Radon Digital Planner
Amelia Shroyer House Of Radon Social Media
James Methven AEG Brand Director
Lovisa Sunnerholm AEG Pr/Experiential Manager Aeg
Michael Berlin AEG Online Experience Manager
Johannes Karlsson AEG Social Media Manager
Lisa Palm AEG Media Manager
Frederique Pirenne AEG Brand Manager
Andrea Falchi AEG Instore Experience Manager
Jennifer Langenreither AEG R/Social/Experiential Director
Britta Amara AEG Marketing Head Aeg Germany

The Campaign

Laundry appliances are not purchased often, so communication around them is not typically very interesting or engaging for consumers. Much of the existing communication is very generic, and lacks a distinct relationship or relevance to consumers’ lives and interests. Apart from this, AEG was outspent by competition and with a limited media budget we had to rely on earned media. With this in mind, AEG wanted to create greater relevance for its products outside the context of this panic purchase while positioning themselves as an innovative and credible brand amongst key influencers and consumers. We shifted part of the focus from the products and connected them to a more broad interest in clothing. We accomplished this by exploring the future of clothing in a thought-provoking documentary, The Next Black, introducing fabric care, the AEG brand and their appliances as a relevant part of this discussion. By completely rethinking the concept of a laundry appliance launch, we managed to place products in a new context. By providing value within a unique method of storytelling, we reached and engage with millions of people in earned and social channels. We also created brand advocates, who spread our story in their channels and demonstrated that AEG is one idea ahead; both in its appliances and its external communication. The film received over 100,000 views in less than 48 hours, with a +98% view rate compared to similar documentaries online. Over 400 articles about the project in top tier sites: business, fashion, tech and sustain.

The Brief

The goal was to create a strong concept with assets that would work as “conversation starters”, focusing on AEG's prioritized target audience (Germany, Benelux, UK, Spain, Denmark) interested in technology and innovations. To position AEG as an innovative and credible brand, and to engage and establish relationships with key influencers. Overall goals: - Increase top 3 brand preference - Increase market share volume - Increase sales of laundry appliance "ÖKOMix" - <100K views on YouTube - <15M in reach (social media and PR) - 10% Follower acquisition in AEG social channels


Results measured against original objectives: - Increase top 3 brand preference: BE +1%, UK, +3% - Increase market share volume: +31% average per key market - Sales of laundry appliance "ÖKOMix": +17% over sales target - Views on YouTube: +444K - Reach in social media and PR: 75 058 000 - 2 845% Follower acquisition in AEG social channels The film received over 100,000 views in less than 48 hours and 400,000 in less than a month, +98% view rate compared to similar documentaries online. Over 400 articles about the project were featured in top tier sites within business, fashion, tech and sustainability. The campaign has gained huge international attention among top tier influencers, which has facilitated local break-through. The campaign was implemented in all key markets (Germany, UK, Benelux, Spain, Denmark) and has been leveraged on in other markets (Japan, Russia, Austria, Finland, Norway, France, South Africa, Portugal).


Launching a documentary gave us a before, during and post launch period around which to communicate. The campaign’s content, from the documentary to individual product films, was used in many ways throughout the consumer journey. By identifying relevant topics to which we can connect the appliances, we created a platform that gave AEG an opportunity to discuss fabric care and products over time. The documentary was supported by a custom-built Facebook application, published articles, extra material, interviews and product information on the brand site, in PR and social media channels. A pre-screening was held by both Mashable and Fast Company, followed by an extensive bloggers outreach program and press release distribution. In addition to the official release on YouTube, we made the film available on several platforms. We then held screening in major cities, included panel discussions with people from the film and industry together with AEG representatives.

The Situation

Laundry appliances are not an engaging category and consumers who are not looking for an appliance today will not listen to communication around it. Still, AEG needs to be first in mind whenever their need occurs. The launch had to be global, add to AEG's vision on "always one idea ahead" and reach influencers where AEG’s credibility has been non-existent, which previously made it hard for the brand to reach out with new product launches and messaging. Apart from this, AEG was outspent by competition and with a limited media budget we had to rely on earned media.

The Strategy

With the situation in mind, we set to create messaging that was both engaging and relevant to consumers in a wider context, bringing to light the themes of sustainability, innovation and technology, both related to the documentary and the AEG products. The thread of these topics runs through every step of PR and social media campaign for The Next Black, connecting and engaging consumers more than ever. The strategy was 3-fold: 1. Use the documentary as a conversation starter, allowing AEG to tap into conversations with influencers already interested in the themes of the film. 2. Tying the overarching themes of sustainability, technology and innovation within the film to AEG’s goal and brand concept, to be “always one idea ahead,” especially with regard to intelligent technology and environmental responsibility. 3. Use the documentary as a lead-in to product communication on all channels; articulate products within the context of documentary themes.