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Media Agency 77 AGENCY Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Perrine Ripert Havas Worldwide Digital Milan Ceo
Tommaso Mezzavilla Havas Worldwide Digital Milan Creative Director
Domenico Montemurro Havas Worldwide Digital Milan Art Director
Rosario Floridia Havas Worldwide Digital Milan Copywriter
Andrea Campesato Segnini Havas Worldwide Digital Milan Graphic Designer
Benedetta Grossi Havas Worldwide Digital Milan Account Executive
Marco Di Santo Havas Worldwide Digital Milan Project Manager
Pavel Tuma Havas Worldwide Digital Prague Digital Production Manager
Evan Boesenberg Havas Worldwide Digital Prague Digital Brand Director
Marco Gentile Filmaster Director
Sergi Pons Photo Photographer
Barbara Grotto Grotto Spa Head Oh Marketing And Communication
Sara Grotto Grotto Spa E/Commerce Coordinator
Cristina Cappozzo Grotto Spa Media And Advirtising Cordinator
Valentina Zulian Grotto Spa Pr And Event Cordinator
Cristina Falcinella Grotto Spa Press And Pr Manager

The Campaign

Gas jeans celebrated its 30th years anniversary in 2014. We decided to celebrate 30 years in 30 seconds, with the project: "GAS FREE FOR 30 SECONDS" a digital event. The idea was to make the Gas Jeans e-commerce totally free for half a minute. We set the date - May 8th at 3:30 pm. and we started the countdown. We launched the event through digital PR, social media, sales points and a web video featuring the world's fastest motorcycle rider: MOTOGP world champion Marc Marcquez. The campaign went immediately viral. In order to complete a purchase in 30 seconds, people had to be perfectly prepared to the event. We therefore created a 30-second Training that allowed them to enter the gas jeans online store, select the items they wanted for free, select the size and check out. They also went to physical stores, to discover and try on the items they liked. On the day of the event, in a matter of 30 seconds thousands of people won an item for free. And this was soon shared on Facebook. Users who weren't fast enough still received a coupon from Gas Jeans: a 30% discount on all items. The operation was a success from a PR point of view because it brought the brand to the level of notoriety and reputation that it has been looking to reach for some time, getting both old and new fans involved, so much so that GAS has been convinced to repeat the event in Hungary, Europe, Japan and India.

The Brief

The goal of the project was to increase awareness and create a memorable event in the history of Gas Jeans that would involve users actively and bring them closer to the brand's world and show them the new 2015 Spring-Summer collection. The project was rolled out in the brand's relevant markets: Italy, Hungary, Europe, Japan and India and was open to men and women aged between 20 and 35 years. The results that transpire through the website visits, the number of participants, the average duration of the session and the new members allow us to consider the project a successful event.


The event "Gas free for 30 seconds" has generated through PR activities coverage for a value of 762.099 €. On - 265.000 uniqe visitors in a month - 7 minutes spent on the website - 10.000.000 pageviews on the e-commerce - 42.000 users registred


The operation was planned in three phases: - Teaser, March 2014 Aim: to generate curiosity and rumours about the event through activity on social networks, dedicated DEM to customers and selected Dbs which are in line with the project. - The launch, in April 2014: the phase was rotated around the Training and the two testimonials Marc Marquez and Barbara Palvin (video of the launch with Marquez, campaign banners, digital PR, social networks, DEM, press campaign). The sales points were also key players in this phase, through materials such as bracelets, bags and window signs dedicated to the FREE GAS FOR 30 SECONDS event. - The digital event, 8th May, 15:30 pm: the highlight, the day of the event that all users had been waiting for. Great expectations and great participation.

The Situation

Gas Jeans is an Italian fashion brand that has marked the history of jeans. GAS turned 30 this year so we decided to tell the company's story through a series of descriptive initiatives of the natural FAST ATTITUDE, positioning of the brand for 2014. The speed theme takes a special meaning for GAS as it is the official sponsor of the MotoGP HRC Honda team. The past 30 years have been lived without breaks, always in line with young people's taste and society's evolutions. 30 years faced with grit, determination and dynamism that have led to this initiative that will involve every fan.

The Strategy

The PR communication strategy firstly used two extraordinary testimonials, the World's Moto GP Champion Marc Marquez and the Hungarian model Barbara Palvin. The launch campaign was created around the two of them, making use of the brand's social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google), the website and a video on YouTube and on the most important websites and online newspapers. Some of the most famous fashion bloggers on the Italian scene became ambassadors of the project, making a fundamental contribution to its spread.