Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company PICHESKY Moscow, RUSSIA
Advertising Agency PICHESKY Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Elena Kolpakova NESTLE RUSSIA Senior Brand Manager
Natasha Grigoryan NESTLE RUSSIA Cross/Brand Digital Manager
Sergey Kuzmenko PICHESKY Creative Director
Maxim Goroshkov PICHESKY Account Director
Matvey Lebedev PICHESKY Senior Copywriter
Nidal Al/Makharek PICHESKY Media Planner
Roman Khokhlov PICHESKY Designer
Ruslan Valeev PICHESKY Project Manager
Lana Vinokurova PICHESKY Account Manager
Nikolay Stepanov PICHESKY Agency Partner
Yan Oskin PICHESKY Agency Partner

The Campaign

National Ice Cream brand Extreme is all about Passion. The brand is aiming to establish itself in Digital. We’ve faced a problem: There is no real passion online. We came up with an idea to stop the Internet for one hour and suggest a better way to spend this time. We’ve started a real social movement for passion, involving the most active part of the audience, and then challenged leading national online media to support our movement. Results: First nationwide Hour of Passion. 10 media platforms suspended an access to their sites for one hour. 330 000 users (including famous bloggers) committed to go offline. 6 000 000 people were reached with the brand message. Most importantly, we’ve gathered the nationwide Movement for Passion online. And we’ve made the Hour of Passion a brand asset, strongly connecting Extreme brand with Passion.

The Brief

TA: Females 18-30, regular ice cream cones consumers, who strive to live the life to the fullest. They lack passion and romantics in relationship and their men do not consider it important. We wanted to bring passion to this audience, using Digital. While starting conversation in Digital the brand faced a unique problem: there is no true passion online. To break the ice agency planned to: 1) create an event that would be associated with a brand 2) use loyal brand audience as a media channel 3) engage leading national online media platforms to share our message


First nationwide Hour of Passion happened on July 16th 330 000 users expressed commitment to go offline for the Hour of Passion on the project page. 10 media platforms supported movement suspending an access to their sites for one hour, it gave us reach to 110 000 unique users. Event has generated a solid public interest which was a reason of a decent amount of free media coverage. 6 000 000 people received the message: Extreme is a brand for passion.


The Movement for Passion was created using resources of dating site. We’ve created a "manifesto for Passion" page there. We made a call: “Kisses are sweeter than likes and real Passion is richer than virtual – spend the Hour of Passion with your beloved ones instead of browsing the Internet” Lots of visitors liked that idea, so we got huge audience support – about 330 000 users committed to go offline for an Hour of Passion. During the formation of the movement we’ve asked bloggers to support the movement and we’ve managed to get 100 opinion leaders involved in the project, including famous Russian psychologist and youtuber. All that brought even more attention to our movement. Then, we’ve challenged leading national online media to support our movement and suspend an access to their sites for one hour, suggesting better ways to spend time offline.

The Situation

National Ice Cream brand Extreme was aiming to establish itself in Digital. Brand was playing on the territory of Passion in other media channels. The brand faced a unique problem, while starting conversation in Digital: There is no true passion online as communication in the Internet substitutes true feelings with virtual analogues.

The Strategy

The idea was simple: Stop the Internet for one hour and suggest a better way to spend this time offline. But it’s barely possible to stop the Internet with an ordinary ad campaign. That’s why we’ve created a real Movement for Passion. We’ve came up with manifesto for Passion, which our active audience could contribute to, support, and share in social networks. Then, we’ve planned to challenge: 1) active bloggers and youtubers to join our campaign for Passion 2) leading national online media to support our movement and suspend an access to their sites for one hour, suggesting ways to spend time better than surfing the Internet