Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Entrant Company THJNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Advertising Agency THJNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Advertising Agency 2 ACHTUNG! Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Armin Jochum Thjnk Ag Chief Creative Officer
Mirko Kaminski Achtung! Gmbh Chief Creative Officer
Leif Johannsen Thjnk Ag Creative Director
Patrick Matthiensen Thjnk Ag Creative Director
Reto Oetterli Thjnk Ag Art Director
Jakob Rabold Thjnk Ag Copywriter
Florian Kruse Thjnk Ag Account Manager
Robert Hoyer Achtung! Gmbh Account Supervisor
Daniel Giesemann Achtung! Gmbh Account Manager
Cosima Köster Thjnk Ag Creative Junior Art
Justus Düsenberg Thjnk Ag Creative Junior Art

The Campaign

ADVOCARD is faced with the same problems as the rest of the insurance industry: a media landscape that has been hostile ever since the financial crisis, the reluctance of German consumers to concern themselves with insurance in general, and products that are intangible and impossible to tell apart. Furthermore, ADVOCARD has no sales structure of its own that can be “pushed” to increase sales of policies. ADVOCARD acts purely as a product provider for independent sales organisations and must therefore generate interest amongst consumers and make as great an impact as possible at the pre-sales stage – ideally by addressing end customers directly. So we combined data-driven journalism and the German media’s fondness for regional comparisons. We analysed more than 1,000,000 lawsuits reported by ADVOCARD customers in terms of cause, duration, amount involved, breakdown by gender and age group and – most importantly – distribution across Germany, right down to district level. The result: “Germany’s Biggest Litigation Atlas”.

The Brief

Insurances usually talk about things that are only interesting to them, but to nobody else.And that is especially true with regard to legal costs insurance It really is a niche product. On the other hand,the subject of conflict fills entire books and libraries.Human history is full of conflict. The idea: We measure German litigation behaviour.To do this,we evaluate 1 million datasets,and enrich them with data from the law courts and legal authorities.For the first time,German litigation culture is measured. And every German can now see how high the risk is of getting involved in litigation in their own environment.


The results are impressive: 3.1 billion online visits, 110 million generated contacts via print, TV and radio broadcasting as well as an augmentation of deals/ trades/ new business, as the litigation atlas established itself as a powerful sales tool for ADVOCARD. In a remarkably short period of time, it became the most successful PR promotion in the company history of ADVOCARD. ADVOCARD had its best business year ever. And Germany’s big litigation atlas changed attitudes: firstly, the attitude of Germans to the subject of legal costs insurance – now they understand its social relevance much better; secondly, the attitude at ADVOCARD and its parent company, Generali – before they relied on traditional instruments like press releases and editorial visits. Now they use a big content marketing platform and work on the C.O.P.E. (Create Once Publish Everywhere) principle.


For the first time in history,one million cases of litigation are evaluated. And for the first time in Germany there is a big litigation atlas–an interactive map that shows the risk of litigation in people’s own neighbourhoods.The subject is not only publicised nationwide.Regional and special interest media receive tailor-made content–inclusive of TV material, image material and infographics.Dedicated content marketing with diverse hooks is carried out on the subject of litigation: Berlin is Germany’s litigation capital.Men are generally more litigious than women. Southern Germany is more peaceful than the north. The litigation atlas becomes an “export hit”.Almost all big news portals and the major blogs mention it, and provide a link back to ADVOCARD.There are discussions on the social web:Where are the most legal disputes? Who likes to dispute the most? Justice ministries, universities and the German Institute for Economic Research ask for the data.The whole of Germany talks about litigation.

The Situation

Most insurance companies are annoying.Or they are boring.Mostly they are both.This is a problem for the ADVOCARD legal costs insurance, because nobody is interested in the niche product, legal costs insurance.That is why ADVOCARD doesn’t focus on products or prices at all, but on one of the biggest human stories of all time: conflict. For the first time ever, German conflict behaviour is measured and published in the shape of a big litigation atlas. The atlas makes the headlines for weeks in the media,blogs,and all over the social web,and it becomes the biggest PR and sales success in ADVOCARD´s history.

The Strategy

We don’t focus on dry,boring legal costs insurance.Our strategy:we pick a theme that really moves people–one in which they have a burning interest and are involved:conflict.For this,we measure German litigation behaviour for the first time, and evaluate one million cases of litigation. The result: Germany’s biggest litigation atlas,in the shape of an interactive map.This digital atlas aims to fulfil four important functions: · TV and print media should show the atlas and also integrate it into their online portals.Visitor traffic should be directed to the ADVOCARD website. · Regional and local media should make use of the atlas,and be able to compare regions. · Users should be able to click on the map, so that they can see the litigation risk in their own neighbourhood. · ADVOCARD´s sales partners should have the atlas on their iPads,so they can use it as a smart way of opening doors and starting conversations.