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Entrant Company FRED & FARID GROUP Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency FRED & FARID GROUP Paris, FRANCE
Advertising Agency 2 FRED & FARID SHANGHAI, CHINA
Production Company RSA FILMS ASIA Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Name Company Position
Fred/Farid FRED/FARID GROUP Chief Creative Officers
Feng Huang/Gregoire Chalopin FRED/FARID GROUP Creative Directors
Laurent Leccia FRED/FARID GROUP Art Director
Laurent Leccia/Adrien Gorris/Jean/Baptiste Le Divelec FRED/FARID GROUP Copywriter
Alexandra Marik/Terry Jin FRED/FARID GROUP Agency Producer
Vivian Wang FRED/FARID GROUP Account Director
Kylie Wang FRED/FARID GROUP Account Manager
Jan Richter/Friis RSA FILMS ASIA Director
John Payne RSA FILMS ASIA Producer
Carsten Balmes/Estella Yang/Logan Xu/Bob Shen Porsche China) Motors Ltd. Clients

The Campaign

In 2013, the Porsche 911 is celebrating its 50th anniversary. This iconic car model made its debut at the IAA Frankfurt Auto Show in 1963, where it began its journey to inspire the sports car world. We took this memorable moment and start a series of new brand image campaigns. Through an introduction of the 911 history, we displayed the outstanding performance of Porsche and the unique sports car culture we create. This campaign is to strengthen awareness of Porsche as a sports car maker.

The Brief

We wish to integrate Porsche’s sports car spirit and Chinese consumers’ pursuit of dream through this campaign, and thus, establish the emotional linkage between consumer and brand.


- The viral video has achieved 2,840,316 views throughout the domestic and overseas channels during two month. - The 911 “piano” game was largely welcomed, which has been played over 1,862,717 times all over the world. - On Weibo, China's social media, the campaign has created great buzz. Posts about the video and game have received 43,098 retweets or comments.


• Did the campaign run according to the original plan or was it adapted at any stage? Since its beginning, the Porsche 911 has been known not just for its curves, but also for the perfection of its engine. It is not only powerful, but also sounds magnificent. We are going to pay tribute to the most iconic sports car by highlighting each of its seven generations with the corresponding 7 notes in the musical scale; do / re / mi / fa / so / la / ti. Each engine will create one note, and together they will play the melody “Happy Birthday”.

The Situation

Through the 911 50th anniversary event, we used our independent sports car culture and persistence in manufacturing dream sports cars to attract more Chinese customers, and also created more brand enthusiasts.

The Strategy

The whole image campaign has been divided into two phases for 2013. Phase one is to warm up the market about the sports car spirit embodied by the 911: never stop, keep driving forward in pursuit of one’s dream. Phase two emphasizes on the 50th anniversary celebration of the 911, serving as the climax of the image campaign. Channels including above the line, digital and showroom events have been integrated all together to deliver our message and warm up for the 911 50th anniversary event to be officially launched in September 2013.